Author: shayla

Death by Society by Sierra Elmore

Carter is the kind of teenager our parents hope we’ll be: intelligent, skilled, and determined to thrive academically. But, unfortunately, she’s also the kind of teenager we don’t tell our parents we are: bullied, sad, and increasingly isolated and preyed upon by the popular girls.

Blackout by Erin Flanagan

Maris is freshly sober — seven months in, after a much-alluded-to rock bottom moment. She’s white-knuckling through wanting a glass of wine at all the usual points in her day, but grateful to no longer wake up with a fuzzy half-recollection of the night before. Her family, a daughter and a relatively new husband, haven’t directly addressed said sobriety, but everyone seems to be functioning well. And then, Maris has a blackout… but she’s still sober.

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