Wood Anniversary Gifts Available on Amazon

I like to think that I’m decent at planning ahead for things, but this year, our fifth anniversary gifts almost got away from me! Apparently my husband had a similar problem, because I noticed a few Amazon Prime boxes arriving in the mail last week, before I was unceremoniously booted into the living room with shouts of “You can’t come in the bedroom right now!” What would we do without Amazon Prime?

Fifth Anniversary Gifts on Amazon Prime(

Fifth anniversary gifts are traditionally supposed to be made of wood. Amazon has a vast selection of Prime-eligible wood items, so you’re in luck if you waited too long. Some of these gifts can stand on their own, while others would do well as part of a larger gift package.

Ideas for Fifth Anniversary Gifts on Amazon


Fifth Anniversary Wood Gifts on Amazon Prime

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How cute are these wooden tea cups? Add in a package of delicious tea, a fancy spoon or tea towel, and you’ve created a cozy gift for your husband or wife.

The handmade carved wood jewelry box is similar to the route Matt took with his gift to me — a beautiful wood jewelry box, with something shiny inside. While this might seem female-centric, I’ve also seen smaller wooden gift/ring boxes that could hold something nice for a man, too.

Of course, if you want to go super-manly, check out this sandalwood beard comb. I know my husband would never use a beard comb but for the right guy, with some beard oil or another grooming product, it could make for a great gift.

A wood watch is as classic as it gets, perfect for husband or wife (or both!).

This wood grain essential oil diffuser looks pretty swanky. I think it would be a lovely gift, with a few essential oils included.

My favourite: how perfect would this set of Himalayan salt shot glasses with an acacia wood serving tray be with a nice bottle of tequila? It’s time to celebrate!

As a bonus, if you haven’t waited until the last minute — order a blank wood sign and get crafty!

What would you gift for a fifth anniversary wood themed present? What would you love to receive?





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