What We Need the Second Time Around

I’ve heard from a few people that the second baby is easier than the first (although I’ve also heard that two is insanely harder than one, but once you have three you may as well just keep having them…). I really have no idea if this is true or false, but I do know that I now possess knowledge about things that were an utter mystery, before.

I can’t predict the future, and all babies (and people!) are different, but I feel like I have some understanding of the gear situation, whereas the first time around I kind of floundered. We spent a lot of time in the first two months of M’s life buying things we didn’t think we needed, and shuffling things we thought we needed into storage. With that in mind, we have most of what we require, but there are a few new things on the list.

Boy clothes

While a lot of M’s stuff was neutral, and they’ll be sharing similar seasons (both winter babies!), I ended up sending three or four giant boxes of girl clothes to my brother- and sister-in-law who are expecting a baby girl around the same time our baby #2 is arriving, which obviously put a dent in the wardrobe pickings! I’ve actually had to stop buying clothes for the most part, though, because between eager grandparents, access to a resale group, and my own penchant for consignment sales and good deals, this kid has a lot of bitty things.


By the way, buying boy clothes has been ridiculously fun. M ended up wearing a lot of super girly things, which was also fun, but I’m getting a huge kick out of teeny tiny little old man clothes.

A high chair

That BLAMES high chair we bought from IKEA for M was very pretty. It was wood, and solid, and looked nice. It was also horrendous to clean and after cutting the straps off of it and using a belt to hold her in because it was just so miserable to keep tidy, we switched her to a booster ASAP and I put the high chair up on a local Facebook site — “FREE, please take this.” So, we need a new high chair. I’m going to go with IKEA again, I think, but we’re getting the plastic ANTILOP that my friends assure me is super easy to clean up. I’m waiting until we actually need it instead of clogging up space with stuff, though.

More diapers

Newborn sized ones, at least. It took us awhile to get M into cloth, and although I have a much greater understanding of how cloth diapering works, I think we’ll be using disposables again until everyone gets used to one another. My dad bought us a serious stockpile up into size three, so we should be good. I haven’t figured out if we need to buy more/new cloth diapers yet — I think they’re all in decent shape from last time, although the patterns aren’t particularly manly. 😉

Breastfeeding supplies

Because now I know what I need! Last time it was a constant back-and-forth to the pharmacy for various products. Gimme me lanolin and Soothie pads and the number for the lactation consultant, and hopefully we will be ok. I actually talked to one of the LCs in town casually and she mentioned she has a lot more experience with tongue ties now (hopefully we won’t need it) and another one mentioned running a breastfeeding class that includes pregnant moms, which I may check out.

Replacement bottle nipples and soothers

I no longer fear the pacifier. M took one for a few months and one day she spit it out and sucked her thumb ever since (which is a whole other can of worms, but whatever). But I threw out her old ones because it seemed too much like sharing toothbrushes. Same with bottle nipples, but I kept the other parts of the bottles. One of these days I’m going to get around to that part of the shopping list.

A swing

I found one for $65 — one of those little portable ones. M’s swing was a ghastly ’80s wind-up model we bought for like $15 and I hated it with a passion so I wanted to upgrade. We still have Robot Gramma, the battery operated glider, along with a jolly jumper and a jumparoo, so we should be set for baby containment devices.

A new diaper bag

I hate hate hate hate HATED our Skip Hop bag so I decided to buy a Little Unicorn tote that appears to be bigger, sturdier, less shiny/slippery, and hopefully suitable for two kids’ worth of stuff. And I got it for less than $100 thanks to a coupon!

A better chair for the nursery

M wants the old Poang in her room and I’m happy to let her have it — we still use it with her, and it was kind of terrible for having a newborn and recovering from delivery. I lucked into finding a recliner for something like $45 on a local buy and sell. It isn’t the sturdiest, and it rocks instead of gliding, but it’s tall and comfortable and everyone loves it.

I’m sure there are things I’m forgetting, and things I bought and won’t use. Prep has been a lot easier this time, overall, because we aren’t starting from scratch, but not having to buy a ton of stuff makes me feel like I’m behind on some kind of non-existent to-do list!

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