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Weekend Warriors

Looking at my thighs to my toes, one might guess I got into a punching battle sometime in the last few days, which would account for the countless blue, purple and black splotches that have overtaken my legs.

I haven’t joined a Fight Club, I’ve just been hiking.

On Saturday, Bob, Kat, Matt and I loaded up our backpacks and set out down a logging road/road to a northern community/road to everyone’s secret fishing places. Our goal was to find a geocache stashed somewhere in the vicinity of a downed water bomber plane.

(Anyone who checks out Sco0p or my Facebook profile has likely seen these photos already– sorry!)

We found the plane, after hiking through some seriously treacherous bush. Surprise streams, twigs to the face, and numerous blowdowns made the passage a little more difficult than just following a trail, but we made it!

Unfortunately, I could not find the cache to save my life. The GPS was wildly switching, telling me I was three metres away, then 15 metres away, then one metre away. I gave up, and I think the cache is possibly planted on part of the plane that’s underwater, or otherwise hidden in a place that I can’t get at thanks to the water being higher than usual.

That, or it’s just hidden really well. I think we’re going to make a second attempt at it later on in the season.

It’s not a real outdoor adventure until someone gets injured, and that honour went to Bob on this hike, who limped his way back to the truck with an entirely messed up big toe.

If you’re observant, you may have noticed that the last time Bob was pictured, he had long hair, but the bald dude above is Bob.

We checked out our town’s annual Relay for Life, a Canadian Cancer Society fundraiser, on Friday, the day before the hike. It was packed, with pretty much everybody in town walking, auctioning, cooking or otherwise fundraising in some manner.

Bob was one of those fundraisers, offering to shave his head for Cops for Cancer. He went from this…

to this…

… to the tune of over $2000, including $100 a piece for the moustache and beard, making him the highest personal fundraiser for the entire relay. Way to go Bob!

This week, for me, is going to be about getting my body back in order following an extravagant weekend, so stay tuned for that. I also solemnly swear that on my next adventure, I will take the real camera and use it so you have something to look at other than Hipstamatic photos (but I still love my iPhone dearly).

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