We Have Nursery Drywall!

Three cheers for my husband!

Matt started ripping down paneling last month and discovered, amongst other things, the original drywall underneath it on one wall. That means when we moved in there was paint over wallpaper over paneling over drywall. This used to be the living room before someone added an addition and modified the back part of the house (in 1968, judging by the date on the studs). So, further along this green drywall, there is actually the original front door to the house, closed in. The box you see below is an old window.

Nursery Drywall Progress 2

He got as far as that wall and decided to vapour barrier over it, leaving the old drywall in. He had to buy a huge roll of barrier because we live in the middle of nowhere, which sucked, but oh well. Then he realized he had to buy longer screws to get to the studs behind the old drywall. And then he got as far as two sheets of new drywall over the barrier before encountering a drywall joint with no stud behind it. So he took down a cut and installed sheet, dug into the old drywall to find a place to install a false stud… and discovered the old Gyprock wool insulation was all falling down.

So then he had to remove the other panel of new drywall. And he considered just buying a small amount of new insulation to fill in the part that had fallen down. But… the old ‘if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right’ adage reared its stupidly logical head and so, down went the vapour barrier and down went the old drywall (the screwed up barrier is my new, really expensive drop cloth!).

Up went the new insulation (R12 – he wanted R14, but alas, middle of nowhere…).

Nursery Insulation

On went the vapour barrier (again). On went the false stud. On went the new drywall. On went this project, forever. This all started with removing a built-in dresser, if you’ll recall. Then he took a break, because we had to pack up and move from the old house, and he had to install the washer and dryer, and mow lawns, and tons of other non-drywall stuff. But with a bit more time this weekend to dedicate to the nursery, he finished off getting all of the sheets in there!

And then we had to go buy a shop vac, because it was on sale and there is SO MUCH DUST. I’m worried about what that floor is going to look like when this is all over (lots of scratches and dings and drywall mud and dirt) but we’re going to replace it one day anyway, and until then I have at least one rug to put down.

Now there’s one coat of mud up. We need to source out more mud, which might mean another trip to Dryden (this town is lacking in some basic supplies). And then there’s a few more coats of mud, and sanding, and priming, and paint, and trim… and then the fun stuff starts!

This is Matt’s first solo drywalling experience, though he has helped out friends installing it in the past. He had to buy all kinds of tools and watch a lot of video tutorials, but I think he’s doing a good job. Even if he drank a bunch of Scotch and then finished it it’d probably still be the best drywall job in the house, anyway.

Hopefully I’ll be back with another nursery update soon! I’m super anxious to get going on it. Until then… I’ll be here, doing laundry.

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  1. It sounds like a lot of work, but what a labor of love. Someday, you’ll be able to tell your daughter how hard her dad worked to get her room ready before she was born. Such a great story!

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