We Have a Kindergartener

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. It’s between that, and spring — I guess I have a thing for the shoulders, when everything around me changes and morphs as quickly as the days meld into one another. I like spring because it brings a sense of renewal and growth, but more than that, I find autumn is charged with an energy of Big Things Happening.

Part of it is probably the back to school feeling ingrained in me since I was a kindergartener myself. I used to pine for the last week in August because it meant back to school shopping — heading out to the mall and the office supply store to get new shoes, some new outfits, a backpack, markers, everything; and then heading home and putting on a fashion show with all of the new gear, packing it up carefully and eagerly awaiting that first day of school.

Part of it is probably that big things do seem to happen in autumn. Yes, there’s school, but there’s also our wedding and dating anniversaries, lots of family birthdays including that of both my kids, the anniversary of when I moved up north; and the non-sentimental big things like prepping the wood stove and winter wood supply, procuring winter gear, rebooting our fall and winter rec activities to survive the upcoming deep freeze. It’s apples and pies and warm socks and cozy sweaters and extra blankets and hot drinks and, although very brief up north, that brilliant shock of colour when every green thing starts to die.

All this to say — this autumn feels extra-big. M started kindergarten today!

She is going back to the school building where she went for daycare so I don’t think it will be too much of a transition for her, aside from her anxiety over a packed lunch instead of a catered hot lunch (more on that later). Today, she was just worried about getting to her cubby and getting her outdoor stuff off on time!

A is napping peacefully and will hopefully be getting a bit more sleep these days. 😉 I’m not sure what our new normal will look like yet, but this feels like the start of the Big Changes for Autumn wave that comes every year, and I have high hopes for a good season — and a good year for our little kindergartener.

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