Vanity Sizing is Enraging

These days, when I go to a mall, I feel incredibly anti-social and crowded, quickly. I used to go to the mall for fun, but now it’s kind of torturous, especially with a kid in tow! Maybe if I had a whole day with no time constraints or responsibilities, shopping would be fun, but I appreciate the quiet solitude of online shopping now that I live five hours away from any decent shopping mall.

can handle standalone stores like Old Navy or Winners or Target. Not the Gap, though — still too small, too many people standing in my way, too much noise and bustle. So I online shop, and a lot of the time it works out well, but damn, there are instances when I wish I could just hop in my car, drive to the mall, and try on black pants ’till I find the ones I want.

Vanity sizing is making online shopping difficult. I follow the measurement charts that brands post on their websites and still, things fit strangely. I ordered work pants from Ricki’s — they were loose within five minutes, meaning I was supposed to have ordered a size two numbers smaller than my usual pants. Old Navy, I love your Rockstar jeans, but the last two pairs I bought are strangely loose (and I’m probably going to sell them now that I’ve lost a few pounds, and try again). Also, your ‘boyfriend fit’ button up is MASSIVE. Smart Set — well, I ordered pants from there, which were sent in the correct size according to the invoice, bag, and hang tag, but were actually the wrong size on the label. Foiled again.


I hate dealing with returns. I’m lazy when it comes to mail, and it’s frustrating to wait a week for something to ship, find out it doesn’t fit, then wait another week for it to be returned and possibly replaced. Which means I end up keeping things that I don’t actually love, which adds to my closet clutter and feelings of wardrobe inadequacy.

I wish that women’s clothing, at least the pants, adhered to basic measurements like men’s jeans. Getting smaller sizes doesn’t make me feel better, it makes me feel confused. Even things that are labelled in inches are incorrect! Jeans labelled as 28 usually mean 29.

I’m not the first person to complain about vanity sizing and I’m sure I won’t be the last. I wonder if it will continue to be a trend, in the future, or if retailers will move toward a more factual method of sizing their clothing.

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  1. I agree that it’s totally ridiculous. I’ve gotten really good at measuring myself and shopping online. I try to ignore the number size, but I do still get it wrong from time to time. It takes a while to figure out the specific sizing for each store.

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