How We Ended up with Three Cats

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A few days ago Matt and I checked out one of the community message boards and saw a poster explaining that all of the kitties and the one lone dog at the municipal shelter were going to be euthanized at the end of October if they weren’t fostered over a certain period of time. We had been talking about getting another cat, and although I was reluctant, we figured we could at least foster one during the ‘danger time’ and return it to the shelter if things didn’t work out.

We went down to the pound yesterday just to look at the kitties, one that Matt liked in particular. As soon as we walked in a little black kitty came right up to me and made herself comfortable, while Matt spent some quality time with his kitty of choice. We found out that the pound is being closed indefinitely so the kitties will all be put down if they aren’t adopted (the dog is being fostered and will hopefully have a permanent home before the cutoff date) and they can’t really be returned after the start of November.

The two that we were making friends with were basically the best of the bunch. Marbles, the boy Matt was interested in, wasn’t old enough to be spraying yet unlike the rest of the males, and Maggie, the girl who was loving on me, was really relaxed and calm.

That’s how we ended up with two kitties in the back seat. Whoops. We stopped quickly at the grocery store to pick up some more cat food, another litter box, and more litter, kitties mewling away in their carriers the whole time. I was really, really nervous about how Murphy would react to not one, but two cats in his house.

Cue disaster. Murphy does not like other cats, not one bit. Maggie is shy and timid so she’s found herself a nice spot on the couch and hides away, although she’s incredibly affectionate toward me and will climb in my lap at any opportunity. Murphy doesn’t really care about her, unless she gets too close to him.

Marbles was described by the shelter as ‘clown-like’ — what that really means is that he is not a very smart cat. He meows and meows and meows and meows and cannot figure out why Murphy doesn’t want to play with him. We’ve had to lock him in the office for now, with food and water and a litterbox and toys, while Murphy hisses at the door and Marbles meows and meows and meows. I don’t know who I feel worse for, angry Murphy or lonely Marbles.

I’m really hoping Murphy and Marbles work out their differences soon, because Murphy is unhappy, Marbles just wants to play, and we have to figure out where every kitty is at every second to avoid big hissing, spitting, angry meowing scenes.

We’ve decided that we can’t, in good faith, return either new kitty to the pound knowing they will get put down, so it looks like we’re keeping them and getting them fixed. I’m confident that Maggie can become a part of the family because she’s not interested in challenging Murphy, but I’m not so sure about Marbles. We’re going to give him a chance to try and integrate, and if he doesn’t, we’re going to find him a home ourselves, which will hopefully be easier with him fixed. Getting him fixed might calm him down a bit, too.

I wish the shelter had better funding or could sort out whatever issues lead to them putting all the animals they have down every few months, and I wish people would spay and neuter their pets so animals wouldn’t end up in shelters and pounds in the first place.

Everything at the house is kind of insane right now and I feel like I’m saying, “Those damn kitties are stressing me out” every three seconds, so please cross your fingers that all the damn kitties can be friends soon.

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  1. Keeping them all in the sense that if it doesn’t work out we’re going to find them new homes rather than giving them back to the shelter to get put down.

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