How Our Cats Became Friends

SPOILER ALERT: The cats are friends.

So the first full day that Matt and I spent at work after agreeing to foster the cats, we locked Marbles in the office for the day with his food, water, litterbox and toys. Maggie was staying out of everyone’s way so we left her sitting on the couch. Murphy was still really displeased with this new annoying cat that followed him around, so every time he walked by the office he’d hiss and spit and paw at the door, while Marbles meowed and meowed and meowed.

We came home at the end of the day to find the office door open and all three cats loose in the house. It’s an accordion door, so Marbles must have managed to push on it hard enough to not only get it open, but move the chair we had put in front of it to stop him from doing exactly that. Lucky for us, his jailbreak worked out for the best, as the cats were getting along slightly better after spending the day running loose.

After a week together, here’s where things stand:

Marbles has claimed Murphy’s scratching post, his pride and joy, as his very own special place. This means that when Marbles scratches it, Murphy pounces on him, kicks him off, then scratches it himself. Then Marbles pounces on Murphy, and they end up tussling up and down the stairs, all around the house, until one of them gets too tired and gives up. For the most part, Marbles sleeps on the base of the post to guard it.

Murphy establishes that he’s still better than Marbles by flaunting the fact that he’s allowed to go outside and Marbles and Maggie aren’t.

Maggie still stays out of the way, although we’ve discovered that she will play with a few things — tinfoil balls and hair elastics. She is definitely a personal bubble kitty and will swat at either cat if they get all up in her space. She, out of the three of them, loves people the most and having recently discovered the concept of bedtime, will sit on the bed and plead with us to lie down and snuggle with her.

Marbles gave us a scare yesterday when we thought he escaped out the door while I was decorating for Halloween. I was so worried and upset and stayed at home in case he came back. I heard a thump from the bathroom and guess who came sauntering out, having jumped up on a cabinet to sleep despite multiple treat bag shakes and three people searching for him?

This guy. He also plays the ‘if I can’t see you you can’t see me’ game behind the curtains, as you can see.

We’re going to get them fixed this Wednesday (thanks for being so expensive, kitties!) and we officially adopted them last Thursday. I’m still always thinking so many cats, especially now that they’re content to sometimes share a space like the couches, or, shockingly, the bed, and they eat so much damn food and we always have to clean the litterboxes and sweep and vacuum and fill the water bowl but hey, they’re our friends now, too.

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