Things I Liked in January ’15

That’s a creative title, isn’t it? I like when other people do round-ups like this, and in the interest of happiness (and sharing said happiness) I’ve decided to join in. There’s no rhyme or reason to this — it may be a rather eclectic list each month. Here are the things I liked in January.

CBC Radio

We only get a handful of radio stations here, two of which are music, one which is CBC, plus a random smattering of assorted music/news stations that may or may not reach the radio depending on where you are and what weather conditions are in place. Matt is a big CBC Radio fan, and I’ve agreed to tune in on road trips when there’s no music. When I started back to work, the radio in the car was dialed to CBC and I haven’t really changed it much since then. It’s more cerebral than top-40 (or more funny, or witty, or interesting, at the very least) and I feel more in touch with Canadian news and culture even though I’m only listening in ten minute chunks here and there.

The TSA’s Instagram feed

As a non-American I don’t have any TSA horror stories — they’ve been good to us every time we’ve travelled, so far. Some of their Instagram photos are PR propaganda but some of them are amazing. They photograph the things that people try to smuggle in, which are often unbelievable. Like 92 lbs. of marijuana in checked baggage. CATSA has Twitter but I think they need to step up their social media game.

Authentic Weather

Hilarious. And accurate.


Homemade peanut butter granola

I’ve been making batches of PB granola here and there. No recipe, other than making sure it’s 1/4 cup oil + 3 cups oats. I add peanut butter, honey, maple syrup, salt, and sometimes things like coconut, or Craisins once the granola is cooked. Yum.

For my birthday brunch I attempted a oatmeal raisin batch, oversalted it, and had to cook something like 12 cups of oats, total, to try to mitigate the saltiness. And I had to dump in chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, plus a ton of dried fruit and coconut, to add some sweetness to the salty, so we now have two giant bags of homemade granola in the cupboard. Even that giant batch is still a bit salty. Whoops.

Veggie Straws

I bought these on a whim for M and ended up bringing them to work for a snack nearly every day, for myself! Matt and M are not so much fans. They also make potato straws which might be preferable for the husband and toddler duo but once this bag of veggie straws runs out I’m buying another just for me.

My verbal toddler

M is saying lots of words, these days — off the top of my head there’s Daddy, kitty, moose, hat, boot, bath, ducky, donkey, eyes, snack, bib, poop, stinky, yucky, book, boobies, up, Uncle Jesse, brr, hot, water, milk, and woof. She’ll say Poppa, Bob, and Patti if encouraged, but won’t say Mama or any other family member — lucky Daddy and Uncle Jesse!

Bib is especially funny, because she will not eat unless she has her bib on. So she gets very frantic, yelling “BEEEEEB! BEEEB!” And when she’s done eating, she grabs her bib and says “Beeb. Up.” Because she knows the difference between up and down but will only say up (much like she knows that I am not Daddy, but points at me, says “Daddy!”, and laughs). Her word for belly is ducky, but if you say bath she also yells “DUCKY!” It’s a lot of fun.

So apparently this month I really enjoyed food and technology. That’ll probably be true for many months ahead!

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  1. You’ve inspired me – now I want to make granola with the giant tub of oats we’ve had sitting in the pantry forever and ever. Did you bake the oats? For how long?

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