The View From Here: Regrets


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend — we had SNOW on Saturday and then 14 degree weather on Sunday so I can’t quite figure out what’s going on here. On to our question of the week…

Do you have any blogging regrets?

I don’t have any major, keep me up at night kind of regrets (blogging should be for fun, after all, in my opinion!). I do think I’ve had a few shortcomings, though.

Being a bit too nervous to speak my mind

I tend to be an opinionated person — I think it’s genetic. 🙂 But I have shied away from really saying how I feel, a few times. Part of it is not wanting to overstep my bounds when it comes to balancing my career, in which I’m supposed to be unbiased, with my personal life, in which I can hold any opinion I’d like. I’ve opted to stay away from politics on the whole, but when it comes to something personal like a product review or even sharing an anecdote, it’s far too easy to stick to the sunny side when everyone knows that bad things sometimes happen. I don’t like the idea of blogs being sanitized, polished versions of real life where you only ever see the good — and so, one of my regrets is playing into that concept because it’s often easier than being truthful.

Writing for the sake of words on a screen

I try not to do this very often, these days, but in my earlier blogging life I posted things just to post ’em and not see a blank spot in my calendar. Do people really care that I bought a gadget to remove cat hair from my couch and it works decently? Probably not. These days I’m more inclined to accept that I might miss a day here and there, and take it to recharge my batteries to come up with something a lot better.

Not keeping up with comments & commenters

Comments are the best part of blogging, I think — that’s how you get the whole ‘community’ thing that I love so much. Lately, for a variety of reasons, I’ve been bad at both replying to comments on my own site in a timely enough way that it turns into a real conversation, and doing my OWN commenting on blogs I love! I’m there, I’m reading, but I’m not being very gracious about SAYING anything. I’m recommitting to changing that, as best as I can.

There you have it! I know Catherine put a lot of thought into her answer this week so make sure you check it out. And as always, chime in if you’d like — and this time I’ll try to be faster at replying back. 😉

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