The View from Here: Beginnings

A few months ago, Catherine approached me about doing some kind of collaboration, blog-to-blog. We met during a shared e-course and since then, we’ve figured out that although she’s a Texan and I’m up here in Northwestern Ontario, and she’s a mom to two adorable little boys and I am strictly dealing with cats, the common thread that links us is our shared passion for blogging!

With that in mind, we decided to collaborate on a bit of a blogging discussion — every Monday, we’ll both answer a question that is related to blogging, blogs, writing, networking, you name it. I’ll answer here, she’ll answer on Walking with Cake, and hopefully you’ll check out both for a little behind-the-scenes glimpse! So, without further ado…


Why did you start blogging?

My sister discovered Livejournal back in its early days, and naturally, being a typical annoying little sister, I followed suit. I stupidly scattered my thoughts all over the internet, via LJ, from the ninth grade up until the start of my second year of university (and I am so glad that the internet, online journals and cyberbullying were not they way they are now, back then, because now I know better than to blurt everything out online!).

So, I guess you could call that my ‘start’ to blogging, but I would argue that that was more of an open diary than what I consider the real, networked blogging of today.

Throughout college I dabbled in online writing, here and there, sharing photos and snippets of life, usually with Tumblr. More often than not, I got weirded out by the concept of having my life online, deleted it all, then started over once or twice more. When I moved up here I had a bit of a mini-blog/Tumblr stream happening, but once again I started to feel weird about it and deleted it all, again.

After I had been here for awhile, I decided it was safe to start a real blog. Most of my family and friends lived far away from me, and a lot of them wanted to know what I was up to. My first visit down south, about a year after I moved here, I found myself surrounded by curious people who kept asking, “You’re from where?! What do you even DO up there?”

The why of this blog was simple: a blog seemed like the easiest way to go about keeping everyone in the loop and maybe keeping a few memories alive longer than they would remain if they were just left in my head. This time around, I was open about it — I shared the link on Facebook and let people know they could read along without feeling sneaky.

I never really fathomed that I would end up meeting so many people that didn’t start out as real-life connections, or that I’d be so interested in other people’s blogs! But, it’s a pretty awesome bonus. 🙂

That’s it for my answers — now, please head on over and check out Catherine’s! And, feel free to let me know what you think of our new series in the comments (and if you have any burning questions you’d like answered I’ll take those too!).

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