The Home Renovation Domino Effect

As I mentioned earlier, our bathroom renovation is slowly moving along. The major structural stuff is done, and it will hopefully come together quickly with wiring, interior drywall/mudding/sanding, and tile. I don’t mind doing the priming and painting, so long as we get to that stage before I’m gigantic! I kind of feel like I did when we first moved into this house and I was pregnant with M — I want to get stuff done so that I can get all of the boxes and bins put away.

We’ve had bathroom stuff hanging out in random places for way too long, because it doesn’t have a home. That’s just one part of the domino effect. Right now I have items for nursery and baby #2 piling up, the garage is full of our bathroom furniture and things for M’s big girl room, and she is rapidly outgrowing her small nursery room with all of her toys.

The renovation of the bathroom is itself the cause of a different domino effect — to renovate the bathroom we had to move walls, which means the third bedroom (which has never been used, but will become our master) had some stuff knocked down and has to be rebuilt. We got all new doors, but they’re a different size than the previous ones, so the current master, which will be M’s big girl room, needs its door spacing expanded. The hallway, at least one part of it, is going to need mudding and sanding and priming and painting, and all of the laminate is coming up — we may or may not get to refinishing it before baby arrives, but it’s on the list.


Reminding myself how far we’ve come already!

I don’t think we’ll get as far as the floors, and the main hallway will still need the panelling ripped down and drywall installed, but that’s not a huge priority. Mostly, we need to get one room, the bathroom, done so that the cascade effect takes over and everyone can play musical bedrooms. Luckily we’re reusing a lot for the nursery, M’s big girl room furniture is mostly purchased, and we won’t have to do a whole lot of shopping for our own room, yet. It’s a matter of getting the spaces together, then moving in the things that have been accumulating elsewhere!

Once we get that done I think the next priority is to make our basement area a better multipurpose for guests, computer gear, and toy storage/playroom space for the kids. It’s a slow, slow process but I can’t wait for that first domino to fall!

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