The Freedom Clip

Once upon a time Matt and I slept in late and had lots of spare time and didn’t drink much coffee. We had a small traditional coffee maker that was used every once in awhile, mostly when we had coffee-drinking company, but other than that we drank it so rarely and in such small quantities that it wasn’t worth making a large pot of coffee every morning.

Then my mom sent up a Tassimo for my birthday a few years ago and the robot coffee obsession took root. It’s so easy to hit a button and make coffee appear! We became daily coffee people. Then we had a baby and became multiple-coffees-a-day people. Then the Tassimo started making a weird grinding noise.

Around Christmas, of course, all of the robot kitchen devices go on sale. We had some gift money and decided to switch to Keurig. The reasoning for it makes NO SENSE in retrospect. “Oh look, you can use your own pods to fill with ground coffee and save money,” we said. “Oh look, it has the capability of brewing carafes FULL of coffee! Let’s get it!”

You know what else is a fill-it-yourself, carafe-capable coffee maker? A coffee maker. Figured that one out a few weeks ago…

Anyway. We didn’t really research much, we just bought the Keurig 2.0 that looked swanky. Then we found out that you can’t actually brew your own coffee, or the non-Keurig approved pods, because the 2.0 literally locks you out of its system if you attempt to use unapproved coffee. People hack their way around it using pieces of Keurig 2.0 pods glued to DIY pods (that’s what we’ve been using) but there’s a better way.

Well — there’s a better way, other than just brewing your own coffee. We’re robot coffee people, though, so don’t talk to me about French Presses and the horrors of machines, right now, because I’m not hearing you.

Freedom Clip Keurig

Enter the Freedom Clip (‘Murica!). I do not know exactly how this sucker works but I can tell you this: Rogers Family Company is sending them FOR FREE to people with a Keurig 2.0. That little orange and black clip, which is tiny, sticks right into your Keurig in a matter of seconds and bam, you can brew whatever you want, including the FREE COFFEE Rogers Family Company includes in their shipment. FREE. FREE. Should I say it again? Free clip, free coffee, all because they don’t believe Keurig should have a stronghold.

I’m Canadian and they still sent me a free clip and coffee even when I offered to pay, so scratch that ‘Murica joke because Rogers Family Company is awesome in my books. Their own pods are 97% biodegradable, too, which is also awesome. Go forth and order a Freedom Clip, fellow robot coffee people.

For Canadians, if you want to specifically order from a Canuck company, ECS Coffee based out of southwestern Ontario is sending out a Freedom Clip with every sampler pack order until February 28!

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