Tasty tortellini soup

I’ve been trying to make good on my vow to cook more in 2013, so I spent a chunk of time over the weekend whipping up dishes in the kitchen (okay, not so much whipping up, more like frantically hunting for ingredients and hoping things turned out). The tortellini soup I made last night came out pretty tasty, if you ask me!

It has all kinds of good stuff in it — crunchy carrots, tomatoes, a cider-y broth, soft tortellini, and spicy sausage. It’s supposed to have zucchini in it, too, but alas, there is no zucchini for sale in this town. I used this recipe, but I didn’t pay attention to measurements at all (extra tortellini, not enough sausage, lots of carrots in ours!). I will definitely make it again, hopefully with zukes. ;)

I forgot how easy soup is! We have tons of bouillon in the cupboards and lots of veggies to spare. Best of all, it seems to be one of those things that people think is really impressive to make when the truth is, you just tossed a bunch of stuff in a pot and let it simmer for awhile. And, it always tastes better the next day.

What’s your favourite kind of soup? I have to go with classic tomato macaroni, or the loaded wonton soup at a restaurant around here.

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