The View from Here: Blogger Fame

Happy Monday, everyone! We finally had a weekend full of nice weather — including a trip to the beach! This Monday’s question is one that makes me laugh… and I really want everyone else to share if they’ve had a brush with the spotlight thanks to their blog!


Have you had a ‘blogger fame’ moment?

This blog hasn’t led to me being recognized on the street or anything — granted I live in a tiny town so people recognize me on the street anyway. 😉 But when I wrote for Weddingbee I did have one comment come in that made me tilt my head and realize what a small world we live in.

General guidelines for the ‘Bee are, from what I understood, obscure what you need to obscure to feel comfortable whether that’s your exact wedding date, first and/or last name, names of family members and friends, etc.

I didn’t obscure much because my location and occupation gave me away quite readily — how many WB bloggers are from tiny Northwestern Ontario and also happen to be quite Googleable reporters? I wasn’t worried about someone trying to steal my venue or caterer or photographer so I allowed my specific wedding date to be revealed, and I let our first names free, knowing that it really wouldn’t take a whole lot to find out my last name if someone really wanted to.

The one thing I did try to keep under the radar was the location of my mom’s house, where we were married. So people knew it was in Brockville, but not the specific part of town, or any identifying details. I thought I did a good job, and then one day, after the wedding, the comment came in.

Wedding pic

Our photographer snapped this in between wrangling family members for group shots — my mom’s house is in it, as is the top of her neighbour’s house (as in, that tiny bit of brick, roof, and window). Her neighbour’s house happened to be on the market at the time. A reader, who loved the house, particularly that dormer, saw that snippet of it, recognized it, and commented saying as much.

So weird, right? How odd is it that someone who was idly house hunting recalled that house enough to recognize it by its roof, enough to single it out in a photo months later. It was completely harmless, I should point out — just a hey, isn’t this funny? kind of thing.

I guess the lesson I learned from that bit of ‘fame’ was this: no matter what you try to obscure or hide from the internet, someone somewhere can put all the little breadcrumbs scattered across the web together, if they want to.

As someone with a pretty prolific web presence, I’ve come to accept that for what it is — I’m sort of working out the details of what I’m going to do when we buy a house, have a kid and so on, but it’s an ongoing thing I mentally check into every once in awhile. You kind of have to treat EVERYTHING as if it’s public or going to be made public, because there isn’t much in the way of privacy these days.

Make sure you head over to Catherine’s blog to read her answer! And like I said, I’m curious if anyone has been tracked down or made famous via their own blog, so let me know in the comments. 🙂

Blogging for Weddingbee

I’ve been keeping in some exciting news since Family Day (February 20 for you non-Ontarians out there)! Everything is in place now, so I can freely share. I’m Miss Dragon on Weddingbee!

Some of you (most of you) are probably now scratching your heads and wondering what the eff I’m talking about. Allow me to explain.

Back in September I started a separate wedding blog, mainly to keep my ramblings about flowers and dresses and invitations from taking over everything else on this blog. In January, I sent in an application to Weddingbee, which hosts a multitude of bloggers from all over the world who write specifically about planning their weddings, followed by recaps of the wedding itself.

I didn’t tell anyone I applied because I didn’t think I’d get accepted — most of the bloggers are American or European, though there are a few Canadians (but even at that, the Canucks are generally from major centres like Ottawa, Toronto, and Calgary). I did not in a million years think our little backyard shenanigans coming from our middle-of-nowhere town would make the cut!

It took just over four weeks for them to respond and about three weeks in I gave in and told Matt I had applied to be a wedding blogger, namely because the wait was killing me and I had to tell someone. On Family Day we were lazing around in bed and I had just finished explaining a bit more about the site to him when my phone buzzed with the email letting me know I was in! Between then and now they’ve been working on my alias icon (Miss Dragon!) and I’ve been getting my old blog posts updated and properly sourced (I didn’t realize how terrible of an image sourcer I was prior to this!). If you go to the front page of the site my introduction is live, and my actual posts under my name should start up soon.

I’m really excited that my blogging is going to be shown to such a huge audience. I’m also kind of terrified but I’ve been trying to remind myself to just keep doing what I was doing when it was only a handful of people reading my posts.

That being said, if you’re curious and want to read about our wedding, feel free to check it out! The posts going up now will look familiar to anyone who followed along on my old wedding blog but new content will start going up as soon as the archives are finished.