July 2013 Topbox Reveal

I went for the standard Topbox this month — none of the special options really stuck out to me. I feel like I’m gambling by going for a mystery box now, which is funny because that’s how they all used to be! Here’s what I got (and full disclosure, I haven’t actually tried any of this stuff out yet):

July Topbox

KMS Dry Xtreme Hairspray – I kind of hate when people drop the e on extreme. It’s xtreeeeeeme. Anyway. Apparently this is a super-volumizing hairspray which is exactly what I don’t need with my hair in its current state (read: frizzy, HUGE, tangled, unmanageable). I’ve switched conditioners and it’s helping, but truth be told, getting this product is what finally prompted me to book a haircut next Friday. I haven’t had a haircut in over a year (seriously) and pregnancy is making it all the more huge, so it’s time for a trim. I guess if this hairspray sucks, at least it got me to get a cut?

Belvada Essential Day Cream – That’s the caviar-like stuff on top. I pulled it out of the package and made a WTF face — there are apparently 24k gold flakes in it? You’re supposed to grab three of the ‘pearls’, mix them with the serum/moisturizer/weird goop, and put it on your face. It seems simultaneously fancy and disturbing. I’m probably not their target market but I’m going to try it anyway.

B. Kamins BB Cream – My only experience with BB cream has been the Garnier stuff that makes my face look sweaty. This apparently doesn’t have colour to it; it’s a transparent product that does all the stuff BB cream is supposed to do. Pregnancy is not treating my face kindly, so we’ll see.

China Glaze in Keeping it Teal – This is a fun colour! I pretty much only paint my toenails — I suck at fingernails — and this seems like it will be good for feet. I have used China Glaze and liked it before, although my last freebie seemed kind of gloppy. I hope this one turns out nicely!

June TopBox

For those who haven’t read it, my sister writes a beauty/cosmetics blog, The Scenic Route, where she writes about beauty box subscriptions amongst other things. She also lives in civilization, a.k.a. Ottawa, which means she gets her TopBoxes before me… so I already knew what I was getting for June a few days before my box finally made it up north. 😉


I’m really glad I went with the original box rather than Privé! I’ve been reluctant to go with original after a disappointing spread a few months ago, but none of the options this month really struck my fancy (an eyeshadow palette box from Yaby Cosmetics, a Father’s Day box [my husband isn’t really the cosmetic products type], or a box literally full of wrinkle cream from Estee Lauder). I like makeup samples more than anything so I’m happy with this one!

June TopBox Mascara Eyelash Curler

First up — Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Fairly Lashes Mascara. What is a jelly pong pong anyway?! This is supposed to make one’s eyelashes ‘flutter and flap.’ I didn’t really notice that but it seems to be a nice mascara!

Belvada Cosmetics mini eyelash curler — I usually use an old-school metal curler, when I use them, because I do it ’80s style and heat it up with my blowdryer to make it work better (I have yet to burn my face or burn my eyelashes off, but for those living in this decade, they do make curlers that heat themselves). I like that this one is tiny because I’d probably use it for travel — if I would be allowed to take it on a plane. It worked well.

June TopBox Sugarbomb

The Benefit Sugarbomb gloss seemed nice when I opened it up. I’m not really a lipstick person — I feel weird wearing it still — so if I do lip products they’re usually light glosses like this. On me it’s a light, shimmery colour.

June TopBox Pari Cubes

I’m not a huge fan of loose powders, like the Pari Beauty Colour Cubes, namely because I am a big messy klutz and my makeup drawer is already contaminated with a black eyeshadow that exploded (awesome). I think I’ve seen these in mall kiosks. They are really quite sparkly once they’re on!

May Topbox: MaskerAide Privé

The May options for Topbox weren’t very thrilling to me — there were some brands I had never heard of for Privé, and after my last Topbox I didn’t really want to risk it with a non-Privé box.

I ended up opting for the MaskerAide Privé, having used a MaskerAide mask from another beauty box in the past. Even though they sort of make one look like a serial killer. They come in pre-soaked sheets that allegedly stick to your face leaving room for the eyes and stuff, but I must have a non-standard face…

Psycho killer, quest que c’est?

So, this is what I got in my Topbox — four MaskerAide masks, all for different purposes.

MaskerAide Topbox

I remember the last one I used (the detox mask, I think) burning like the dickens while on, but leaving my face feeling soft. I’m having some pregnancy skin problems, mainly redness and breakouts all along my chin, so I’m hoping these guys will help and not make it worse.

Truth be told, after seeing the stuff my sister unboxed and reviewed for her non-Privé May box, I’m thinking I should have risked it!

April 2013 Topbox

TopBox April 2013

This month’s Topbox was kind of a bummer — I’ve been loving the Prive options lately, but I opted for the regular box this time around because the Prive choice was Elizabeth Arden and I didn’t really want to try that brand. Unfortunately I think the non-Prive boxes are kinda boring… and I got Elizabeth Arden stuff anyway!

April TopBox 2013

First up, the Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. I had the chance to test it this morning when I sleepily shoved my mascara wand into my eye. 🙁 It did the trick, quickly, but it left my skin and hands feeling kind of greasy. I’m not sure I’d want to use it on my lips for that reason! The KMS Quick Blow Dry is a sample I just got in my LuxeBox, and while it does what it says it does, I never heat style my hair so it’s kind of a waste. Maybe the universe wants me to get a haircut?

April 2013 TopBox

I’m kind of excited to try the Michael Todd True Naturals jojoba charcoal facial scrub, because as I mentioned last week, my skin is awful and teenager-y lately. The Boxx Cosmetics eyeshadow brush is decent, I guess, but it just seems kinda tiny and cheap, like something you would get at the dollar store.

Not a glowing review, I know. Maybe I’m just getting burned out by beauty boxes? I love the Prive choices, though — maybe I need to switch to an Ipsy account like my sister has been bugging me to do. 🙂

November 2012 TOPBOX Review

Last month, TOPBOX gave me the option to select eco-friendly packaging for my November delivery, so I did! Everything was shipped in the same cardboard tube as last time, but it was a bit more no-frills, without the patterned paper on the outside, and with less tissue paper and ‘fluff’ on the inside.

It was a pretty good haul, if you consider the time of year. All of the products seemed like they would be put to good use over the glitzy holiday season (I’m not very glitzy, but I would be if I had the opportunity!).

I have tried China Glaze polish before (in my Luxe Box fall package, actually — funny how the samples repeat) and I like it. It has great coverage and lasts forever. The one I received is called I Herd That (it’s from the Safari Collection) and I immediately put it on my toes. I love gold-toned polish, and this one is really, really sparkly. It also only took two coats to make it solid enough for my liking! I found a review with some close-up photos of it here, if you’re interested. It’s not really a time for open-toed shoes around here, but I think it’d be an awesome polish for fingernails at a Christmas party.

There was a decently-sized sample of Vera Wang’s Lovestruck Floral Rush. I think one of my first Luxe Box packages included the same perfume, in a smaller size. I’m not much on wearing perfume — I go to too many scent-free public places for my job to feel comfortable with it — but again, given that the holidays are a time for parties and dressing up, perfume fits in perfectly. It will, however, likely end up in my drawer full of perfume samples.

Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara has intrigued me for a while now. I forgot to try it out and accidentally used my regular mascara instead, but rest assured, I will be checking it out ASAP!

Pari Beauty’s lip paint is a new product. I don’t often wear red lipstick but hey! Christmas! It is a true red, I think, with no weird undertones, and it even looked okay on my super-pale self. It’s a stain, and it does that well — I tried it on just for fun and wiped it off right away, and the colour was already on there pretty good. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to wear lipstick! 🙂

So, although a few of the samples were kind of repeats from other beauty boxes, I think that’s to be expected a bit. I was happy with November’s TOPBOX!