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Mini Wardrobe: Aqua Tutu

I didn’t really keep up with this series very well, did I?! I’ve been picking up pieces for M’s fall and winter wardrobe here and there — I have a genetic aversion to paying full price for clothing so a lot of it is consignment, mixed with some inexpensive pieces from big-brand stores. She’s at an age where she’s really hard on clothes, between colouring, snacking, jumping in puddles, and daycare shenanigans, so I can’t justify spending a lot. Wash and wear is how we roll, these days.

We have a fun mix of clothes happening right now,

Dad Dressed Me

There’s this classic image of a baby dressed by dad — non-matching, inside-out, onesies snapped over pants, you get the idea. Lucky for me (and M!) I’ve been delighted by Matt’s outfit choices when it comes to dressing our baby. He puts together things I never would have thought to try, and has a lot of fun doing it.

I love the explanations he gives for the outfits, too. A lot of the time he has some kind of theme behind the outfit. Like, for instance, this:

This one, he said, “She’s ready for an adventure!”

Mini Wardrobe: Vintage Floral

It’s been awhile since I posted anything about M’s wardrobe, which is sad because her closet is bursting with wonderful things. She’s fitting into her 3-6 month clothing perfectly now — I feel like we’ve barely touched on half of it and she’ll be out of it in a month and a half! So it’s time to start documenting it again.


Headband: Carter’s outlet | Romper: Perfect Threads consignment | Socks: gifted

I normally try to stay away from long rompers like this because our tall girl ends up in a floodpants situation,

Mini Wardrobe: Bandana Bibs

We’ve entered the days of drool. I read somewhere that salivary glands kick into action somewhere around 8 weeks and M was right on schedule. Since then she’s been soaking shirts left right and center, so we dug into our box of accessories for her bibs. Problem is… they aren’t very cute. I mean, they’re cute, but they aren’t cute on her, right now, because most of them are food-catching bibs rather than drool-catching bibs so they’re kind of huge. And because they’re so big, it’s basically an invitation for her to grab them and stuff them in her mouth.

Mini Wardrobe: Big Sweater, Little Baby

Hey, world. We’re still here. We’re kind of back in the newborn days of struggling to nurse, constantly nursing, worrying about nursing, so on and so forth, but we got out of the house today, to see the doctor, and just seeing some friendly faces really helped. I’m still discouraged, though, and how. We’ve had one good latch today — ONE. Go team.

Anyway. The good news is, M is 11 lbs. 15 oz. I had weighed her in at 12 lbs. on our home scale recently so I’m going to go ahead and guess that our scale isn’t as accurate as a legit baby-weighing scale and not that she’s losing weight.