Mom Style: Joules

My wardrobe has some really basic requirements now — easy to put on in thirty seconds after a shower, easy to nurse in, and not too precious (because babies = all kinds of things all over your clothing). For awhile, that meant yoga pants and nursing tanks and t-shirts, which didn’t leave me feeling very stylish. Thankfully I’ve managed to upgrade! I’ve traded yoga pants for (stretchy) skinny jeans, and t-shirts for comfortable sweaters and button-downs.

So, when Joules offered to send me something to review, I was super excited to see all of the great options on their website that would fit right into my ‘mom style’. I’d never heard of the brand before but quickly had 10 different tabs open in my browser, each with a different shirt, tunic or dress I loved. It was hard to narrow it down, and I actually sent them three different items I’d love to have and left the decision up to them because I couldn’t do it!

When the package came in the mail it felt like opening up a gift because I didn’t know what’d be inside. I unfolded the Creme Bird Rosamund blouse and couldn’t wait to put it on.


The nursery is my new outfit photo place, haha! But I can’t show you my bottom half, because I’m wearing men’s socks pulled up to my calves. Trendy, right?

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