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100 Happy Days

Historically, I’m a failure at keeping up with number-and-date-related challenges. Inevitably I miss one day in the Photo a Day project or forget one entry in my gratitude journal and bam, I’m done. But I’ve seen the #100happydays hashtag around social media lately and got curious enough to give it a shot.

The idea is to capture something that makes you happy, every day for 100 days. It isn’t a ‘look how much happier I am than you’ kind of project (in fact the organizers say if you’re competing you’re doing it wrong) but a way to find a burst of cheer in every day,

Life Lately: Spring Edition

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Aaaahhhh, spring. Can I say that it’s here yet? We had thunderstorms yesterday but they helped melt down more snow, and I think (I hope!) the ice on the lake is about to give up. It’s supposed to be 18C today. I hope it sticks around.

Life Lately

The improving weather and my improving ability to get through the day without feeling horrible have lightened up my life — we’re heading into my favourite time of year around here and I have some extra energy to expend! I’ll take it from the top:

  • Matt very sweetly treated me to some Mother’s Day gifts (“You’re an expectant mother,”

Picture This

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Back in the days before digital cameras were commonplace (and before cameraphones existed) I used to have boxes and books filled with prints. Yeah, so they were pictures of family vacations and birthday parties, taken with disposable Kodaks (I was a teenager, not Henri Cartier-Bresson) but at least I had hard copies of my memories.

These days, I rarely have printed images around, aside from the ones my Dad prints at kiosks and hands over to me when he visits here. Even those don’t go into albums or frames, for the most part. I know that when we have our own house we’ll put up more pictures,

A moose-y friend

We went to Thunder Bay last weekend to celebrate a few birthdays. Having only been at my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house once, getting in late at night and leaving before sunrise, I didn’t realize that their house has a pretty awesome view of Mount McKay. So, I snapped a picture from the truck, making sure to include our moose bobblehead (named Bear) in the photo.

A glance through my Instagram feed a few days later revealed that I take a lot of pictures featuring Bear. He’s kind of like our personal lawn gnome travel buddy,

July Photo a Day Challenge

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It’s that time of month again! This summer is going by so quickly, but at least I have a photo every day (or nearly every day) to remind me what happened. I followed the Fat Mum Slim July challenge, and here’s a sampling of what I snapped:

I’m carrying on through August! If you want to see my past challenge posts, they’re right here. Feel free to check me out on Instagram to see what’s happening, and let me know if you’re playing along!