All Treats & No Tricks: Halloween Fashion

Halloween Fashion on Etsy

I’m sharing a few Halloween finds from Etsy this week, in preparation for the upcoming holiday. 

Halloween Fashion on Etsy

I am a sucker for all kinds of spooky things, and Halloween fashion on Etsy is where it’s at. Of course, I don’t dress as a pumpkin every day or anything like that, but I see nothing wrong with throwing on skull print leggings or a black cat necklace even when it isn’t Halloween! M is much the same; her spider print pants are on heavy rotation in her closet all year ’round and she loves dressing up as various animals even for kindergarten days.

With that being said, all of these items can be considered Halloween fashion, but there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying them in October and beyond! Clearly we love black cats in this house, and as for the rest of it, who doesn’t love a bit of dark humour and style?

Here are a few of my favourite finds for Halloween fashion on Etsy. I actually had a hard time narrowing it down to a handful of things; there are so many great shirts, dresses, and accessories! I tried to stay away from the obvious costume-y fashion in favour of items that could work into regular wear.

There is something here for everyone, from the littlest kiddos with a cat print bib to the witchy ladies and gentlemen in your life. I especially love the Mom-ster shirt and think it would definitely be appropriate for me outside of Halloween. Like, realistically, it’s probably applicable every single morning of my life except for those rare times when I actually get enough sleep at night.

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Skeleton cat bib | Cat dress | Mom-ster shirt | ‘Black Heart’ shirt

Halloween Fashion on Etsy
‘Bow Down’ bracelet | Black cat pin | ‘Literally Dead’ shirt |
Skeleton earrings | ‘Hey Boo’ pin

Spotlight: Rockstar Jeans

There’s an Old Navy outlet store in Traverse City, Michigan. I was thrilled to see it while we passed through on our honeymoon, visions of cheap basics dancing in my head (especially with my success at the Gap outlet next door!). When I walked in I saw piles and piles of Rockstar jeans in all kinds of fun colours and patterns. I’m a sucker for skinny jeans so I grabbed a few pairs and headed into the change room.

Those jeans made me cry. I tried them in my regular size and they were so tight and short, even though they were the taller length. I could barely do them up and when I did, they cut into all the wrong places. I quickly shoved them back on the shelf and left the store. Ever since then I gave the side-eye to anyone who sung the praises of Rockstar jeans and how they magically flatter everyone.

But a few weeks ago I was desperate for jeans. I had one pair that fit, postpartum, and they were looser fitting bootcut jeans. I’m a skinny jeans girl, straight leg maybe. I needed new pants. And Old Navy was having a sale, and the Rockstar jeans were super cheap. So I gambled and ordered a pair, one size up from my pre-pregnancy size, and crossed my fingers.

I tried on the Sweetheart skinny jeans and they were laughable (self, you are not ‘curvy’ because curvy = having a butt). The Flirt jeans were a bit better but they still gapped in the waist and felt like they’d sag down. But the Rockstar jeans… fit perfectly. I must have changed shape after having a baby, because my hips filled out the larger size but they didn’t fall down at the waist or droop in the back. And they were cut high enough that they held in the squishy parts around my belly and back. Amazing.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

Since then I’ve ordered two more pairs (all distressed because I figure if I have questionable baby-related stains on my unwashed pants they may as well have holes in ’em too) and they, too, magically fit, so it isn’t a fluke. I don’t know if Old Navy changed their style or if my body changed enough to fit the mold, but either way I’m happy. I mostly wear looser shirts so the skinny silhouette makes me feel less bulky and the stretch is nice and forgiving.

Now if only I could go back to that outlet store…

The Wacky World of Maternity Clothes

Right now I’m in a mix of maternity and non-maternity stuff — mainly demi-panel maternity bottoms, a few maternity shirts and my longer pre-belly shirts & dresses. I still feel more chubby than pregnant but I suppose I’m rounding out.

All of my maternity shopping has been done online, and I have encountered some really, really odd sartorial options during my browsing. Observe:

Maternity Clothes

Take, for instance, the burgundy snakeskin faux-leather pants*. I can’t really see how those are comfy, but I guess if you wear burgundy snakeskin faux-leather pants while not pregnant, you’re going to want a maternity equivalent.

The jumpsuits are both from ASOS — I actually thought the one on the right was cute, but that’s when I though it was pajamas. I’m not really sure if it’s loungewear or everyday clothing now, based on the model’s shoes. I’d wear it to bed, but not to grocery shop. At least it has a zipper… the other one seems like a pregnancy bladder induced accident waiting to happen.

The ripped up shorts are from TopShop. I have to admit I have a pair of destroyed denim maternity bermudas but a) they are not such a ’90s colour and b) I only paid $3 for them. I can see how these could be trendy but I also think I could find something similar in my husband’s bags of clothing that he doesn’t wear.

The ‘Come Closer’ t-shirt is also from ASOS, and it’s on this list because it’s pretty much the exact opposite sentiment I mentally send to people who are looking intently at my belly. I don’t want to encourage people to come closer! The one beside it is more my style. 😉

Maybe I’m just a boring maternitywear shopper. Maybe I need to buy some leather?

*This post is totally tongue-in-cheek — if you wear burgundy snakeskin faux-leather pants please don’t be offended!

Shoes for Spring & Summer

I think I’m missing the OMG SHOES gene. I don’t really go crazy over shoe shopping and I wear, basically, the same five pairs all year, just switching them out where seasonally appropriate. I do get pretty psyched when spring and summer footwear starts rolling out, though, even if I just look at it!

This year I’m probably just going to replace my discarded Birks and call it a day, but if someone told me to buy shoes, these are a few I’d pick up.


Clockwise from left: AUREA sandals / Dalane from ShoeDazzle / Pleasing to the Island Sandal / CHAMNESS flats / Seychelles from ShoeDazzle

I Don’t Know How to Dress Myself

Every day I wake up and can’t figure out if I look pregnant, bloated, or like I ate too much. Or all three. Getting dressed in a huuuuge pain in the butt, in this awkward in-between stage. The ever-changing weather is an added challenge!

While it was still a secret I tried to wear blousier shirts or big sweaters.Now that our secret’s out in the open and my stomach is expanding, I’m left trying to figure out what clothes fit, what clothes I need to buy, and if everyone is looking at me wondering how I gained so much weight. That sounds really vain but it’s SO weird for me to figure out.

I lost 10 lbs. before getting pregnant and I’ve gained about 5 lbs. back since based on my own scale, but I can’t do up any of last year’s shorts. My lowest-rise pair of jeans still fit but they get uncomfy by the end of the day. A wonderful friend sent me a ton of maternity pants but I don’t have enough of a belly to hold up the full panel pants yet, and in the meantime I have no butt and apparently butts are important for holding up maternitywear.
First Trimester Outfits

Apologies for the crappy Instagram pics and janky mirror but they’re all I’ve got in the mornings. Over to the left is an outfit I actually really liked — I bought a ton of stretchy maxis and I’m hoping I can fit into them for a few months! This dress is loose enough that even when I’m feeling bloaty it doesn’t cling. On the right, I’m wearing demi-panel maternity pants (which are ridiculously comfy) and a regular tall-sized Old Navy tee. Comfortable — but I felt gigantic!

First Trimester Outfits 2

My other strategy has been cheap, stretchy jersey maxi skirts from Urban Planet. I only have two but they’re under $10 each and they will stretch till kingdom come. These are awesome for good weather but I can’t exactly wear them in the mud, rain or cold. Floaty shirts are still my friend.

I thought I’d look forward to the excuse to buy a new wardrobe, once I needed maternity clothes, but it’s actually not that fun. I really wanted to order some Old Navy demi-panel shorts and stretchy tanks, but the duties assessed on an American ON order are insane — like $70 duties and taxes on a $70 order. Not cool. It seems like my only good Canadian option is Motherhood Maternity but almost all of their bottoms are the full panel type that you can allegedly fold down but don’t seem to work for me yet. I can’t imagine having extra fabric in the middle of August’s heat, so I don’t really want that type of clothing until it gets cold again, anyway.

All of the advice I’ve been reading is like, “Go to H&M! They have cute, trendy, cheap maternity stuff. Try Target! GAP has awesome jeans!” But alas, I’m stuck in rural Ontario — even if I drive to Winnipeg I think my only option is still Motherhood. I told Matt I’m going to bury my head in the sand and just see how long my dresses and skirts will stretch. Okay, so I ordered some underbelly shorts and a few tops from Motherhood, and I’m hoping they work out. This probably all sounds whiny but I miss the jeans and a tshirt days!

This, I think, is why the big bunny-patterned A-line dresses were so popular for expectant moms in the ’80s…