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Happy Katie Fisher Day!

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It’s March 12 — it’s Katie Fisher Day! I heard about this day from a friend last year but we were flying into South Carolina so the timing didn’t work out. When she reminded us this year I knew I’d be participating.

The website explains the concept of Katie Fisher Day better than I can:

Katie Fisher was a treasure to everyone who knew her: a brilliant engineer, a beautiful dancer, and a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend. Among other wonderful things she did in her life, she baked cookies for her brother every single week for the four years he was away at college. 

A Handmade Little Christmas: All the Eats

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I did a lot of baking this month. Remaking old recipes was easy, but I took on a few new ones, too, which had mixed results. In the end I pulled it all together and came up with a good spread of holiday treats, so I thought I’d share my recipes! Click the headers to get to each recipe’s page.

Plastic-wrapped because I was bringing them in for co-workers, but still tasty.

Rum Balls

These turned into whiskey/maple liqueur/bourbon balls in our houeshold, because we didn’t have rum.

#WEverb12: Cook

I’m reflecting on 2012 with #WEverb12! There will be a new post every day in December, based around a provided prompt. Join in!

What was your best recipe/dish of the year? Share it!

My cookie/brownie/cake insanity was probably the most epic thing I’ve ever created, but it’s not the best of the year. After mentally running through the things I’ve made in 2012, I think that honour will have to go to these amazing peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I’m just getting into my holiday baking and I’m trying out some new recipes,

Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie awesomeness

How’s that for a long title?

Sometimes I go through phases of ignoring Pinterest for months on end, then take a bored hour and pin everything I see. Of course, anything involving sugar is going to pique my interest, so I was really psyched to see a recipe calling itself the World’s Beat Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I think I’ve droned on about how much I love the peanut butter/chocolate combination before, but I’ll say it again — nothing beats creamy peanut butter and delicious chocolate. So, having failed at making chocolate chip cookies a few days prior (Matt said they tasted good but reminded him of “old lady bake sale cookies”),

Ridiculously easy macaroons

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I’ve sort of fallen into a habit of making treats on Fridays, after work, to bring to our friends’ house. They invite us over every week to watch TV and have a few drinks, so as a token of my appreciation I’ve been toting cookies and squares and the like over to their house. It also lets me bake, which I enjoy, without having to worry that Matt and I are going to eat all of the food ourselves!

I was craving coconut but didn’t have time to take on anything really challenging. I found a macaroon recipe that was really simple,