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On Scheduling

Recently, Catherine at Walking with Cake announced she was switching to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule in order to tackle a few other things aside from blogging — and it got my thoughts rolling. I’ve been sporadic at blogging, at best, … Continue reading

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A Brief Hiatus

Some rights reserved by khawkins04I don’t really know how the next few days or weeks will play out, but — baby is hopefully coming sometime in said days and weeks and I’m finding it difficult to keep up with posting … Continue reading

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A Note on Giveaways

I’m a little bit sad that I have to write this out, but it seems important! My latest giveaway attracted a wider audience, and so, having experienced that, I think I need to lay out some rules. I was disappointed … Continue reading

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The View From Here: Challenges

Monday means blogging question time! What is your least favorite/most challenging part of blogging? I can’t really think of  a least favourite part — maybe dealing with technical issues, like when a plug-in momentarily ate my blog over the weekend … Continue reading

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State of the Blog: 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! I, for one, am kind of happy the holidays are over. I’m a creature of routine and I’m excited to get back into mine (hopefully with a few healthy changes for 2013!). This time of year … Continue reading

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