Summer Vacation 2017 – Part Five

Continuing from our arrival in Sudbury…

We had a bit of a tumultuous time getting to our hotel. First we stopped at Stack Brewing to grab some beer (I may have gone too far onto the adventurous side; Matt hated nearly every beer I picked!) and then we headed downtown to the Radisson, which was confusing to navigate especially when it was time to park. When we finally got in from the parking garage and went to what I thought was the door into our hallway, and our key card refused to work, the front desk manager leaving his shift appeared right when I was starting to lose it, and keyed us in, thank goodness.

On our drive to Sudbury I had purchased IMAX movie tickets for M and Matt, to Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I hadn’t seen the first one (and still haven’t) so I figured it’d be better to just send them, especially because it was a kind of late show and I didn’t want to drag A out. After even more confusion about who was eating what where, the two of them took off, A fell asleep, and I ordered takeout and cracked a few beer. It was kind of nice to be mostly alone, I’m not gonna lie, after all of the excitement of the trip! They were out late — M fell asleep during the tail end of the movie — but I managed to wake everyone up for breakfast the next day.

We gave M the option of the hotel pool, or going to the little plaza mall nearby for Dollarama, because she had seen it the night before and would not stop talking about it. I was shocked that she picked Dollarama, but that’s what happened, so we scavenged for breakfast from what was open, and whiled the rest of the time away at the dollar store before Science North opened.

Science North was really cool! We could’ve spent a whole day there and in fact Matt was kind of salty about how much we missed because we had to leave by noon (and we actually left Sudbury about two hours later than planned and we still missed a bunch of stuff). We’ll have to take a full day in Sudbury sometime, I think. M loved seeing all of the wildlife exhibits, the giant whale skeleton, and some of the human body exhibits on the top floor.

The rest of the day was somewhat painful. We were going to Terrace Bay, further than the Soo but not as far as Thunder Bay. It took forever. The weather was awful, there was nothing exciting awaiting us, and both the kids were not having a good time in the car. We didn’t get there until well after midnight — and by ‘there’ I mean our shady roadside motel, where they left a note on the door telling us that our room was unlocked with the key in it. But it was a place to sleep, at least! In the morning we tried to find food, climbed the Terrace Bay lighthouse, and bailed.

Before Thunder Bay we decided to stop and stretch our legs (and our attitudes) at a pick your own amethyst mine, Panorama Mine, which was pretty cool. M was amazed at being able to uncover gems, and Matt and I also spent some time passing off the baby to one another to pick out a few stones. From there, we dropped into Sleeping Giant Brewery, Merla Mae’s for our last ice cream of the trip (Persian flavoured ice cream!), and the Prospector Burger Barn which is Matt’s favourite place in Thunder Bay, I’m pretty sure.

Getting home was a relief after all that time on the road! The cats were happy to see us. I was happy to see my bed. Matt had to work the next day, and it was already dark when we unlocked the doors, so that was it for our trip — everyone was pretty excited to sleep.

We had a great trip, although we definitely stretched the limits of our small car even with the light packing. It’s always a whirlwind of seeing people we don’t see often enough, not spending enough time with anyone, and wishing we had more time, along with wanting to get home ASAP once the return trip starts! I’m glad we were able to take the time out to travel, and happy that the kids, especially M, had a really fun time.

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