Stocking Stuffers for Men (Under $30 Total!)

I think men’s stockings usually end up as a sad compendium of trial sized deodorants, generic chocolates, and cheap gadgets destined to break. Some of the typical men’s stocking stuffers are actually useful — you can never go wrong with socks — but I’ve picked out a few things that might make a stocking more fun (unless you already put cool things in the stockings you stuff, in which case, carry on!).

Man Stocking

From the top — a magazine, perfect for flipping through once the hustle of gift opening has died down. And, if you pick something interesting, you get to read it later, too! The glass baster is something my husband would want (every time he roasts a chicken he points out that we don’t have one) but any inexpensive, USEFUL kitchen gear is suitable. These Samesorts are totally intriguing because really, who actually enjoys all of the allsorts?

A wood Christmas ornament is manlier than something sparkly (and matches any tree). As for the Fireball, it’s well worth the big chunk of the $30 budget, were you to ask Matt. And, the caramel corn is bound to fill up the rest of the stocking space! Substitute with chocolate popcorn, cheese corn, or even bacon popcorn if that’s more your style (ew).

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  1. I’ve never heard of SameSorts, so I looked them up and they sound yummy! And Ryan uses these beer thermometers called hydrometers that are made of glass, and I think I’ve broken three so far.

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