Spotlight: Rockstar Jeans

There’s an Old Navy outlet store in Traverse City, Michigan. I was thrilled to see it while we passed through on our honeymoon, visions of cheap basics dancing in my head (especially with my success at the Gap outlet next door!). When I walked in I saw piles and piles of Rockstar jeans in all kinds of fun colours and patterns. I’m a sucker for skinny jeans so I grabbed a few pairs and headed into the change room.

Those jeans made me cry. I tried them in my regular size and they were so tight and short, even though they were the taller length. I could barely do them up and when I did, they cut into all the wrong places. I quickly shoved them back on the shelf and left the store. Ever since then I gave the side-eye to anyone who sung the praises of Rockstar jeans and how they magically flatter everyone.

But a few weeks ago I was desperate for jeans. I had one pair that fit, postpartum, and they were looser fitting bootcut jeans. I’m a skinny jeans girl, straight leg maybe. I needed new pants. And Old Navy was having a sale, and the Rockstar jeans were super cheap. So I gambled and ordered a pair, one size up from my pre-pregnancy size, and crossed my fingers.

I tried on the Sweetheart skinny jeans and they were laughable (self, you are not ‘curvy’ because curvy = having a butt). The Flirt jeans were a bit better but they still gapped in the waist and felt like they’d sag down. But the Rockstar jeans… fit perfectly. I must have changed shape after having a baby, because my hips filled out the larger size but they didn’t fall down at the waist or droop in the back. And they were cut high enough that they held in the squishy parts around my belly and back. Amazing.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

Since then I’ve ordered two more pairs (all distressed because I figure if I have questionable baby-related stains on my unwashed pants they may as well have holes in ’em too) and they, too, magically fit, so it isn’t a fluke. I don’t know if Old Navy changed their style or if my body changed enough to fit the mold, but either way I’m happy. I mostly wear looser shirts so the skinny silhouette makes me feel less bulky and the stretch is nice and forgiving.

Now if only I could go back to that outlet store…

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  1. Kalyn says:

    Sounds like these Rockstar jeans are the new mom jeans…in the most flattering way possible!

    1. Shayla says:

      Hah! They could be!

  2. Catherine says:

    I noticed jeans fit me differently, too, after having one baby. Whole different story after two, ha ha. Glad you found some jeans that work!

    1. Shayla says:

      Me too! 🙂

  3. Ayesha says:

    I love my Rockstar jeans! Admittedly, I have to size up and get them in tall for them to fit, which hurt my ego a bit. But I got over that once I tried them on. I would live in them if I could. I have a couple of the darker washes, and one pair of black.

    1. Shayla says:

      They are super, super comfy!

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