SOMA Lemon Pistachio Toffee

A while back, both kids took a weekend nap at the same time and Matt and I dove into my chocolate stash. ​I have so much chocolate that it’s kind of overwhelming at this point so we decided to do a bit of a tasting board. I think I need to start bringing out my collection at parties to use some of it up!

So — all of the photos for the next round of chocolate reviews were taken in a hurry. 😉 Sorry! I’ll start with this SOMA bar, because a) I love SOMA and b) it was our favourite of all the bars we tried that day.

“Buttery handmade toffee infused with lemon and coated with milk chocolate topped with pistachio powder. Buttery tangy and nutty. The lime green of the pistachio powder is all natural.”

SOMA’s Lemon Pistachio Toffee is insanely good. Matt likened it to a Skor bar, but a zillion times better. The texture is amazing, and probably would’ve been even more amazing had I opened this up earlier — I bought it last summer!

It’s really pretty, too. The flavour is lemony but not overwhelming. We scarfed all of it. Highly recommended!

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