Sample Killah: The Results

Don’t judge me for how poorly I did this week, okay? I am currently nursing both a glass of box wine and a giant swollen bruise on my thigh from walking into a table (before drinking the box wine, I’ll have you know). Seems like when I take on extra projects I feel overworked until I get them done, leaving pretty much zero time for self-care. I try to get the baby to sleep at nap time and as soon as she’s out, I’m busy, and on it goes until she’s sleeping for the night (-ish… we are all about the extra wakeups this week) and I’m working until I’m sleeping for the night. I like the concept of being in certain seasons of life and I guess right now I am in the season of no makeup, no hairbrushes, and often, no pants.

I literally just walked upstairs, brushed my teeth, and came back downstairs to announce “ARGH I HAVE TO DO A BLOG POST I FORGOT GRUMBLE GRUMBLE.”

All of this to say – I used three samples this week. My nails are fancy even though they are likely to be covered in wall paint soon.


  • Three samples used this week
  • How long have I had this hairspray?! My hair is out of control.
  • Technically there are nail stickers left over but there are eight of them so unless I rock a partially-stickered look I’m counting it.
  • This was my first time applying nail stickers by myself. They’re from Essie and they were easier to use than the Sally Hansen type I attempted one time before crying to Matt and making him take over (he’s a former vinyl graphics installer, so it kinda goes with the territory).

And, my overall lessons, based on a month of sample killing:

  • 31 samples killed this month!
  • I have wrinkle cream samples to last me ’till I’m legit elderly.
  • It’s really hard to find time to moisturize and gloss and prime and so on when you are slugging coffees and merely trying to stay awake for a month.

In all seriousness, this challenge has had one key effect on me: I’ve realized I’m actually GLAD I don’t subscribe to any beauty boxes anymore. It’s a budget thing, but given the sheer number of tiny products I have that remain unused, and how hard it is to make time to use them, I’m understanding that this is not a good time for me to accrue samples. My money is better spent elsewhere.

Do they make a caffeine subscription box? Things you can eat with one hand box? Someone should invent that.

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