Room to Grow

Last year I tentatively set out with a few seedlings and a handful of garden tools, lots of hopes and dreams, and very little knowledge of how to make things thrive and grow. I was a novice gardener, and a novice parent, and between the two, I was doing my best to make something beautiful.

I grew my plants, and I grew my kid, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way but now, in both regards, I have a better handle on things. The fact that M helped us dig out this new garden bed is proof of that, I think!


Last year we had just two tiny patches of plantable space in the entirety of this area. This year, Matt went out with the shovel and flipped over at least 100 square feet of dirt, while M grabbed chunks of roots (and dirt) and threw it over the edge. I came in and raked and sifted, and between the three of us we have greatly expanded our options for growing vegetables this year.

There are a lot of parallels to draw between gardening and parenting, I think, and I’m glad that our daughter seems to have picked up a love of and interest in nature, dirt, and the things that grow in the ground. Hopefully she will stop throwing the soil out of  my potted plants, but at least there’s no more snow to eat. 😉

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