REVIEW: Wild Ophelia Barbecue Potato Chip

Wild Ophelia has some pretty out there flavours. I first ran into this brand, part of the Vosges Haut-Chocolat company, on vacation in South Carolina a few years ago and neglected to buy anything because I thought I could come back later and get it. And then they stopped carrying the bars in any easy-to-find locations on the east coast, and I was SOL.

When I was in Toronto I saw a stack of chocolate bars, including Wild Ophelia, at the checkout in Blue Banana and grabbed the first one I saw (I wish I had taken more time and grabbed a few more but I was kind of going crazy with chocolate purchases at the time). So that’s how I finally got my hands on a Wild Ophelia Barbecue Potato Chip bar.

OpheliaBBQ (2)

I legitimately had no idea what to expect with this one. I’ve never had Vosges/Wild Ophelia chocolate. Verdict? The best word I could come up with was odd.

OpheliaBBQ (1)

The texture reminded me of the Theo Bread & Chocolate bar in that it was really obvious that there were actual little pieces of crunchy chips mixed in thoroughly with the chocolate. The taste itself was much more intense than I had expected —  it was barbecue, but hot burning barbecue not sweet barbecue. In fact the whole thing was not very sweet at all, probably owning to the dark, dark chocolate and that paprika kick. I was really surprised by the spice.

This isn’t a bar I’d buy again but it shows me that the Wild Ophelia bars are definitely a flavour experience! I’m still hoping to track them down in an easier to buy format, especially because their line of peanut butter cups is calling my name.

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