Review: The Cloud Yoga Mat

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been doing yoga. Slowly, and in a mostly unbalanced manner, but yoga nonetheless. For the longest time, any floor exercises I’ve done have been with the aid of a mat that my husband got me a few years ago — it was decent at the time, if not a bit thin, but at this point it’s literally falling apart in small pieces.

I started the hunt for a yoga mat, and gave Matt my wishlist — “Thick, and longer than a standard mat, heavy enough to keep itself down on the ground without moving, and a decent price.” I looked all over the place and kept getting stuck on one factor or another… if it was long enough it was too expensive, if it was affordable, it was too thin. So, I really lucked out when Peak Fulfillment hooked me up with a Cloud Yoga Mat (sent to me for review — thanks!).


At 8mm thick, this is a cushy mat. I either do yoga downstairs on carpeted basement floor, or upstairs on laminate, so a thicker mat is much appreciated. This was a million times more comfortable than my old mat and supported me wonderfully even in the poses that result in me putting elbows and knees onto the hard ground. It indented around my limbs and joints, then sprung back up once I took the weight off of the mat.


It’s also extra-long, at 6’4″ — as a 5’11” person it was definitely long enough for me to stretch out. The material offers good traction, and didn’t budge from the floor unless I picked it up and moved it. It’s not too cumbersome or heavy for me to use at home, though.

One of the things Peak Fulfillment touts is a worry-free yoga experience — instead of fidgeting with a less than stellar mat, you can roll this one out and get practicing. While I am no hardcore yogi (is that an oxymoron?) I can attest to the fact that having a high-quality mat made a big difference for me. Highly recommended!

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