REVIEW: Savvy Curls Heatless Headband

I think at this point everyone knows that I’m severely lacking in the Girl Skillz that allow one to do one’s hair. Mine has been getting longer and longer, because I’m a fan of being able to toss it up in a messy bun, which is the extent of my styling skills, really. But it’s kind of going crazy — pregnancy hormones, rapid growth, and a strange amount of frizz/breakage despite me not doing a whole lot of damage to it.

I feel like I’ve been trying to pay more attention to how I dress lately, but then my cute/not yoga pants outfits seem less put together when I have the laziest hair ever crowning my head. But, on the other hand, I don’t have the time, or the skill, to figure out how to do anything fancier.

I read my friend Ravayna’s post about a headband that curls your hair without heat, asked her if it was really legit (she said yes) and decided to order my own. With the exchange and shipping it felt like a kind of steep price to pay for potentially less-scraggly hair, but feeling put together really is a confidence booster for me, so I went ahead with it, sincerely hoping it wouldn’t be another one of those ‘easy hair tricks’ that would get tossed into a drawer because I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

So, I bought the Savvy Curls convertible wrap, because it’s supposed to be better for thicker, shorter, or layered hair, all three of which apply to me. When it arrived, I decided to try it out at night. I did my best to follow the video tutorial on the website and was surprised at how easy it was to wrap the first, bottom layer of hair, but then I tried to do the crown section and ended up with a disaster on my head. Tried again, failed, and determined I needed more practice, but could probably use it as a single wrap because that part was going well, at least.


The good thing about the convertible wraps is that you can detach the second band, and use it as a single wrap, so that’s what I did. I was amazed that it held all my hair in, and even more amazed that it stayed secure through my nighttime thrashing. It was a messier wrap than it should have been, I’m sure — you can see all the bumps in the back — but I swear this was a huge triumph for me and my lack of coordination.

In the morning I nervously shook it out and was shocked to see that it worked! The part in my hair was all screwed up and when I tried to fix it I think I messed up one side a bit, but with a bit of product it was good enough for me.


(Ignore the shadows under my eyes — like I said, nighttime thrashing.)

Given that this was my first shot at using the headband, I’m seriously impressed. It seems gimmicky, but it actually works, and it takes no time at all to wrap your hair. I can see myself using this headband very frequently, because it tames my insane hair into something that looks intentional.

I bought this wrap for myself and received no compensation from Savvy Curls — I just wanted to review it because I was so pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

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