REVIEW: Raaka Mint & Nibs Bar

I’ve been hanging onto this bar for awhile, waiting until the mood struck me (I… have a lot of chocolate). I’m a fan of chocolate and mint together but I have to admit I like that artificial mint Oreo kind of flavour. Real mint? Ehhh. This bar is definitely of the real mint variety, with peppermint leaves, coconut, and Congolese cacao.

Raaka Mint Nibs (1)

I wasn’t expecting that overwhelming fake mint-y flavour, and I didn’t get it! Instead, this bar is actually quite subtle. Like some of the other more natural bars I’ve tried, there is an earthy flavour to this one, but it isn’t very strong. In fact, the whole bar isn’t very strongly flavoured despite the mint and coconut.

Raaka Mint Nibs (3)

It has a harmonious flavour and texture, and the bar was creamy once it melted in my mouth. So, while it isn’t bursting with amazing, jaw-dropping taste, it’s a nice and pleasant little treat.

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