REVIEW: IT’SUGAR Milk Chocolate with Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake is good. It’s up there as one of my favourites, maybe one down from carrot cake. I saw this chocolate bar while we were in a giant candy store on vacation and of course I snatched it up. I didn’t expect it to be top-notch, given the ingredients listing on the back (this is not an all-natural bar by any means). Still… this turned out to be way worse than I thought, even with my lackluster experience with IT’SUGAR previously.

ItsSugarRedVelvet (1)

First impression upon opening the bar up — damn, that is a red chocolate bar. Hello, food colouring. But that’s what a lot of real red velvet cakes contain, so whatever.

I popped a piece in my mouth and was instantly overwhelmed. This is a sweet, sweet chocolate bar, but not in the sweet, sweet love kind of way. Rather, it’s an incredibly cloying, vaguely chemical-tasting chocolate bar. Yes, it tastes like a red velvet cake, but a red velvet cake concocted in a lab somewhere. It’s like what people would invent in the year 5050 when they stumble across an old red velvet cake recipe in the dusty archives of the internet. It’s not good.

ItsSugarRedVelvet (2)

I immediately wanted to drink a large glass of water upon finishing my chocolate square, and then I felt sick for an hour after.

I bought this bar in-person at the IT’SUGAR shop in Myrtle Beach, SC — I don’t see it online, but there are lots of other treats to check out (don’t buy this one, though 😉 ).

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