REVIEW: Hammond’s Whoopie Pie Bar

I broke into this bar when I was having a bad day — I just wanted something sweet, without any sophisticated ingredients I’d feel compelled to explore and enjoy. I don’t think you can get more sweet and simple than a whoopie pie. Hammond’s describes this bar as having a “thick dark chocolate shell stuffed with sweet cream filling,” all of which is true. You get what’s advertised with this pick!

Hammonds Whoopie Pie 2

I found it had a bit of an artificial taste but again, this isn’t exactly the fanciest virgin chocolate of all time. It wasn’t a turn-off flavour, anyway. It is, of course, very, very sweet. The chocolate shell is crunchy and has a good bite to it — then it collapses in your mouth and there’s the sticky, sweet filling.

Hammonds Whoopie Pie (2)

I think most of the artificial taste comes from the filling, more so than the chocolate. It’s not something I’d eat a lot of in one sitting, unless you really want that sugar boost, but it’s an accurate rendition of a whoopie pie, in chocolate form, and was exactly the ridiculously sugary pick-me-up I needed!

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