REVIEW: Hammond’s Devil’s Food Donut

Hammond’s has some weird flavours! This bar seems to be pretty straightforward, though — dark chocolate and a ‘sinfully sweet cake filling.’ Chocolate chocolate chocolate.

HammondsDevilsFood (1)

So, the chocolate itself is not as high quality as some other bars I’ve tried, but that’s the difference between chocolate bar price points, obviously! It’s still good chocolate, it’s just not SOMA-level. 😉 The main thing I noticed was that it had a bit of a chalkier texture than the smooth texture of other brands.

There’s a lot of filling in this bar, so if you’re a fan of filled chocolate bars, Hammond’s might be a great choice for you. The filling texture is cake-like, so they got that right! It’s very sweet, and very chocolatey, which makes the whole bar very sweet and very chocolatey.

This bar doesn’t have a lot of nuance (again, comparing it to others) but it stands on its own as a decent treat.

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