REVIEW: ChocoSol Vanilla Sea Salt Bar

ChocoSol’s products are “good for mind, body and soil!” You’re looking at whole ingredients, responsibly sourced, made with traditional methods in mind.

The vanilla sea salt bar is made with raw vanilla pods, sea salt, stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, and raw organic cane sugar. That’s it, that’s all. No strange, unpronounceable ingredients here! I was expecting a different experience than your average grocery store chocolate bar, and that’s what I got.

ChocoSol Sea Salt (1)

I found this bar had an interesting earthy taste — knowing what I knew about the company, its philosophies and its methods, that didn’t surprise me, and it wasn’t a bad taste, just something different from the sugary sweet concoctions many people think of when they think chocolate. There was a bit of a gritty texture, too — again, nothing off putting, but a hallmark of this different candy-making philosophy.

ChocoSol Sea Salt (2)

As for the taste, aside from earthy, I found it quite salty on the tongue. That saltiness faded fast, though, leaving behind the earthy, not to sweet flavour. I didn’t notice any particularly punchy vanilla, but the whole thing had a harmonious flavour. I’m not sure I’d pick this out again, but it’s a good bar!

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