Reverb15: Alchemy & Serendipity

While alchemy is the active process of creating something of value, serendipity is the passive path to finding an unexpected treasure. Looking back through 2015, what did you diligently try to create? What great thing did you just happen to find?

This year I tried to create a full, happy life. I think that’s the goal of every year — this year was no different. Some of the things I tried at, failed, while others succeeded. I tried to create good, healthy meals for my family; I tried to create warm and welcoming spaces; I tried to create good memories for everyone, all around. I tried to create peace and serenity where I could. I threw a lot of balls into the air in the name of creation.

Within all of that I found serendipitous strength; feelings and capacities I didn’t know that I had, or know that I needed. In some ways I could have known without needing or possessing it, but now that it’s here, I’m grateful for how it has helped me.

Reverb BB

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