Reverb13: Listen to Your Heart

What does your heart have to tell you?

Be compassionate with yourself. Take time out to sit and be patient and let things go. The messes will be there to pick up when you can. The dishes can be dirty. The couches can be covered in cat hair. Feed yourself. Sleep. Have conversations. Open the curtains. Listen to music. Enjoy the quiet moments.

M burrito

The dirty diapers won’t last forever. The naptimes will get longer. There is a smile somewhere deep down, waiting for the right moment to come out, and it will be worth every wail and every yawn.

M One Week-3

Commit that tiny face to memory, because it will grow and change before you know it.

“Reverb is a reflective writing challenge held in December every year. It provides a sacred space for participants to celebrate the successes and honour the challenges of the year that’s passing, as well as plant the seeds for a rich and rewarding new year.” (play along)

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