Resolution Check-in: Month #5

Ah, May. I used to love when spring rolled around in May — now that I live further up north May sometimes heralds spring but it also heralds more snow than I’d like. It’s still one of my favourite months, though, and I feel like our May was a good one!

Less useless screen time.

We had house guests for half the month so that helped cut down on screen time a lot! I’m coming to accept that with emails, work, etc., I will be tied to my phone a bit, but I think we are getting better. Matt often goes the whole day with his phone in a different room, a strategy I’ve adopted — my charger is in the bedroom and I try to leave my phone there once it needs charging.

More productivity.

We always have an endless to-do list but we have made headway in some places — for example, the garden is half-nice, half-messy, but it’s on the go, at least. I’m finding that we have a lot of projects started and not a lot completed, so perhaps in the coming months productivity is going to have to be defined as “actually finishing things.”

I also need to learn to take some time to be purposefully not productive. Like, even if the house is messy, it’s okay for us to go for a picnic. Or even if I have piles of laundry, if I feel sick, I should probably take the opportunity to rest. It’s a tough balance to strike.

More time outside.

Lots of this! With the garden, M’s water table, nice weather, and her total love for being outdoors at all times, it’s unavoidable. This kid will literally dance in the rain. We haven’t been to the beach yet but I think that’s coming in June. Of course, going outside is easy in summer… it’ll be when fall and winter roll around again that will test this resolution.

Reconnect with my husband.

We had an entire evening away! Life is always busy but I feel like we’re continuing to make efforts to check in with one another and talk as a couple instead of just parents, more often. So that’s good, and it’s something we should be able to keep up with.

Simplify and declutter.

If anything we’ve actually amassed¬†more stuff. I feel pretty inundated with things right now. So this one is not quite going the way I would like, but if it were up to me I would live a clutter-free existence entirely — we just need more storage space, and again, to finish off some of those piled up projects!

Better self-care and confidence-boosting activities.

Truthfully, I haven’t formally worked out in quite awhile, but like I said last month, the gardening I’m doing is somewhat intensive… I can definitely feel the burn after I’ve turned over several years’ worth of grass and weeds! I would like to start doing yoga again, at least, and am hoping M’s sleep calms down one of these days so I can squeeze some extra time into my day for health and wellness.

Keep working on the house. 

Again, more outside-focused than inside right now, but we’re doing things that have been waylaid for ages. Matt re-seeded part of the front lawn yesterday, I’ve reclaimed two garden beds and am working on a third, and we’ve demolished another giant sprawling pine tree. As the weather cools and we get back into fall, we’ll probably take on more of our indoor projects.

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