Resolution Check-in: Month #4

Let’s try this again, yeah? To cut to the point, I am still working on my 2014 resolutions, though some are going better than others. I honestly don’t really feel like I’m making a huge amount of progress in general, which leaves me wondering if resolutions really are made to be broken. The status quo is just so easy to keep!

Less useless screen time.

I need to reinstate a few personal rules (no phones at the table). We have family coming up for a chunk of this month and I would like to be fully present, as much as possible! I would also like to maximize my in-office time better so I can actually enjoy going outside and spending family time without worrying about the 1500 things still waiting on my to do list.

More productivity.

Gardening automatically makes me productive. 😉 I have a ton of seedlings started, sprouts shooting up out of the ground, and some manual labour scheduled at some point this month to keep cleaning and digging and planting. It feels nice to physically accomplish something, that I can point at and say, “I did that!”

More time outside.

Most definitely. My kid is a fiend for going outside and it brings all of us along for the ride. We spend copious amounts of weekend and evening time playing in the backyard and now that the snow is really, truly gone, it is so much easier to just head out the door without fussing with snowpants and boots and hats and frozen fingers. I think we will be going out quite a bit over the next few months, especially now that M knows the joys of s’mores.


Reconnect with my husband. 

We’ve had a few TV nights which are what passes for ‘date nights’ around here, lately. That might not sound romantic but it’s actually a nice way to relax and spend time with one another without having to worry about babysitters, going out, spending money, etc. When M is in bed and we are both not exhausted or busy (or working!) we try to at least sit and chat for awhile. I would like to do this more often, though, and one of these dates I would like to actually get out of the house on a date.

Simplify and declutter. 

Not so much. Organization, and even some cleaning, took a major hit last month during some crazy work hours, so I’m just focused on maintaining basic cleanliness, honestly.

Better self-care and confidence-boosting activities. 

Also down the tubes. M’s sleep schedule and Matt’s work schedule don’t leave much time for me to work out, sadly. But I am getting some exercise in the garden, and hopefully I can scrounge up the motivation to take care of myself a bit better, soon.

Keep working on the house. 

Does outside count? We are working on tons of outdoor projects! That’s where some extra budget funds are allocated right now — in the next few months we’ll hopefully tackle some more indoor things.

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