Recent Publications – Autumn 2017

I am, as always, swamped by roughly 934 different, competing things on my to-do list. Off the top of my head I need to: clean my whole house, restock our groceries, invite people to the kids’ birthday party, plan and execute said party, put gas in my car, go to the post office, drop off a million bags and boxes to the Salvation Army, take down the Halloween decorations outside, break down all of the cardboard threatening to take over my life… library books I’ll probably return un-read…

I’ll write instead, for now.

I have a tendency to treat writing like a reward (“I’ll do it when everything else is done”) but nothing else is ever fully complete, what with a kid who won’t sleep at night or during the day and all of the other zillion things to do.

Here are a few things I’ve had published within the past few weeks. Check them out, if you’d like!

Winning the Battle, and the War
Parent Co., October 29, 2017

Is that love? When I imagined her, as she kicked and rolled in my belly, I never pictured that love would entail holding her body immobile so we could help her by hurting her. It was an act of faith and determination to endure. Love is a battlefield.

Why I’m Sitting Out Leaning In – For Now
Motherly, November 1, 2015

Oh, sometimes I feel like I’m on running on a wheel, a hamster scampering relentlessly inside the cheapest cage sold at the store. Like if I stop moving, all the lights will turn off and everything will cease to exist. But if I’m going to run on that hamster wheel, I want to win Most Valuable Hamster.

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