Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate

One of my latest Cocoa Couriers boxes had some really interesting bars, including the Raaka Bourbon Cask Aged bar:

“The first chocolate featuring cask-aged cocoa beans. To make this bar, we crack Bolivian cacao beans into cacao nibs, then age the nibs in empty Berkshire Mountain Distilling bourbon barrels for four weeks. During the aging process, the nibs soak up the essence of bourbon stored in the oak. After four weeks, the nibs are ground, mixed with a house blend of cane and maple sugar, and made into a deliciously deep dark chocolate with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak.”

I love bourbon and I love chocolate so I was very eager to try this. And it does taste like both bourbon and chocolate!

I was taken aback by how strong the flavour was at first. It’s very, very, very dark and earthy at 82%. However, it doesn’t have that sometimes sour dark chocolate taste, which I appreciated.


So as I said, it does taste like bourbon, but in a sort of boozy aftertaste kind of way, not like those terrible Kahlua chocolates that smack you over the head yelling I HAVE ALCOHOL IN ME. And the taste mellowed the more I ate.

The chocolate itself was incredibly smooth — some of the smoothest I’ve tried, I think. It was a really good bar!

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