Prettying things up

Our house is kind of a disaster zone right now (the cupboards are kind of exploded, though I made some progress yesterday, the basement laundry pile is in various stages of completion, and the office is just plain messy). Still, there are a few new(ish) things in it that make me smile:

I repurposed some of our soon-to-be wedding decor in our bedroom (top left). The shelf was already there, and I put the photos in a few months ago, but the initials matched too well with our new duvet cover (top right) for me to avoid showing them off before the big day.

As for the duvet cover, I had purchased our old white one before knowing how awful the town-provided water is at our house. We have to buy things that aren’t light-coloured because if not, the rusty water will leave splotches and stains all over everything, and that’s exactly what happened to our white duvet cover.

I still need to buy us some new sheets to accommodate our extra-deep mattress, and all of our pillowcases have seen better days. After I get the living room shelf situation under control, my next big furniture goal is a bed frame and nightstands so I can stop feeling like a college student with my mattress on the floor. Even if we have to take it apart and move it one day!

The tulips (bottom left) were my gift to Matt awhile ago. Last time he went to Dryden I asked him to bring me back a present and on his return he handed me a cooler bag that will fit a 12-pack. When I slipped out to the city he asked me to get him a present and I bought him flowers… I think I did it wrong. The placemats are new, too, and make me feel like more of a grown-up (and more inclined to eat at the table instead of the couch).

Finally, the sticky wall flowers are my latest effort at using up the weird half-wall we have over the stairs. They don’t go all the way up to the top but I don’t even know how I’d do that without putting a ladder on the stairs (thus ensuring I’d break my neck). They’re a bit college student-y themselves, but I don’t mind. Matt says he doesn’t care, and they cover up the pre-existing scuffs on the wall. Good enough for me.

I feel way better when there are nice things in the house! There’s still a lot to do — I want living room shelves, new bedding for both bedrooms, a bed frame and nightstands for us, and maybe an armchair or low cabinet or something to fill in the big blank spot we have in our bedroom. Lamps would be nice, too.

What little things have made your surroundings feel pretty, lately?

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2 Responses to Prettying things up

  1. Emily says:

    Those initials are adorable!! And I love how well they go with your duvet cover!!

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