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EAT THIS: Souffle Omelette

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I love omelettes. If I’m out for breakfast, unless there’s an awesome eggs benedict option, I’m usually going for the omelette. Unfortunately I’m terrible at making them at home — I can’t quite get the temperatures and the flip right, and I end up with scrambled eggs with things in them instead of an omelette. But now I have a foolproof method that is ten times more delicious than a regular omelette.

I actually find this easier than making regular omelettes! You need butter, three eggs, two bowls, an oven-safe skillet, a flipper and a mixer or a whisk.

KYYA Chai Tea Infused Dark Chocolate

I have a few KYYA bars hanging around the house — they all have such interesting flavours! The chai tea bar is a lighter dark chocolate at just over 50%.

“The Chai tea infusion has the unique flavors of a vanilla infused Chai with the taste of a rich Dark Chocolate.  People describe this bar as the gingerbread cookie version of a chocolate bar.”

​Overall, this was a good bar! It’s just a tiny bit spicy, but more sweet than anything. It did taste like chai to us, so they hit their mark.

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange

Matt picked this one out to try — bear in mind, in this review, that I’m actually not a fan of ginger. I actually only grabbed this because it was on sale (as you can see from the sticker below!) and I was curious.

So I found that this bar was not as smooth as many others I’ve tried, which is not my preference with chocolate — regardless of flavour, I really like a smooth, melty bar. In terms of flavour, this tastes very dark.

The ginger is in there but not prominent,

Ideas for Amazon Subscribe and Save

Having a newish baby in the house, plus winter weather, means I have not been out to stock up on groceries and household supplies in Dryden in quite some time. That means I shop locally, which in turn means that we’re spending a decent chunk of funds on everything from dinner food to M’s snacks to paper towel. It also means that when we run out of things like toilet paper and coffee, I’m stuck buying it at whatever price the store has it at, because I’m not gonna drive two hours on a whim these days.

Having a newish baby also means that a) we run out of things like coffee and paper towels a lot more often and b) I make a lot of Amazon orders,

Hummingbird Chocolate Maker: Maple 70% & Alta Verapez

These bars are special! My dad bought them after noticing that they’re local, and that their Hispaniola 70-per-cent cacao bar was chosen as the best dark bean to bar in the world last year in London’s Academy of Chocolate awards. Hummingbird is from Almonte, Ontario!

The maple bar did indeed taste like maple, but smoky — less like maple syrup, more like sitting in a sugar shack if that makes sense. It has that sour dark chocolate taste, and is nice and smooth.

The Alta Verapez is supposed to be hoptastic,