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SOMA Lemon Pistachio Toffee

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A while back, both kids took a weekend nap at the same time and Matt and I dove into my chocolate stash. ​I have so much chocolate that it’s kind of overwhelming at this point so we decided to do a bit of a tasting board. I think I need to start bringing out my collection at parties to use some of it up!

So — all of the photos for the next round of chocolate reviews were taken in a hurry. 😉 Sorry! I’ll start with this SOMA bar, because a) I love SOMA and b) it was our favourite of all the bars we tried that day.

A at Three Months

So A’s “month birthday” is the 30th of every month… which doesn’t work for February. So let’s say he’s three months old-ish, now!


At his appointment on Monday, he weighed in at 14 lbs. 2 oz, and 24.4 inches long. He’s on his growth curve perfectly, around the 50th percentile for both weight and length. For some reason he LOOKS huge but he’s as average as average can get!


Buddy, “Doot” (that’s all me)


Totally random depending on what mood he’s in,

Digging Into This Unpredictable Season

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A is waking up as I type this, slowly but surely. This is the first time all week he’s napped somewhere other than on my body, and I spent most of said nap finally attempting to bring some order to our living/dining room, which has been in chaos for days. I am ignoring the fact that M’s room is also a disaster, and that the dishes and the food in the kitchen cabinets are scattered wildly, and the fact that I have barely had motivation to write for the things that help me professionally, let alone personally.

So I’m squeezing this in in those five minutes before he fully open his eyes —

A at Two Months


That, I don’t know — his next appointment is tomorrow! He was in the 50th percentile at his last visit so if that holds true he should be somewhere around at least 11 lbs. He has definitely gained, I’m just not sure exactly how much.


Mister A, Banana, and all of the usual ‘little guy’ and ‘dude’ and ‘baby brother’ things. We aren’t a big nickname family, still.


I commented to Matt earlier this weekend that A is like a cat —

Winter Walk

For a brief few minutes it’s just A and me. This isn’t remarkable in itself – most of the time it’s always A and me, with Matt and work and M in school. But it is remarkable because he’s strapped to my chest under my coat and we’re tromping up a trail.

It’s a groomed, wide trail. This isn’t a true wilderness adventure. But the snow is creaking and crunching under the weight of my boots, and the sun is quickly dipping below the visible horizon, and the air is so clear and crisp.