Overnight Oats for People Who Hate Oatmeal

I hate oatmeal.

I remember my father coming into my school when we were learning about pioneers in Grade 2. He made porridge. I hated it. The next time I recall trying it out was the summer between Grade 11 and 12, when I worked as a waitress at a fishing lodge with a bunch of my friends. Our boss, Beth, apparently made the best oatmeal ever and I was convinced to give it a try. I hated it.

Something about the gloopy oats swimming around in milk really bothers me. It’s a texture thing, and I can’t get over it, though I will eat microwaved oats in a pinch. But then there’s overnight oats.

Overnight Oats for People who Hate Oatmeal

Trying Overnight Oats for the First Time

I was told an equal ratio of oats to liquid should work. Here’s a half cup of oats:

Next, add an equal amount of liquid. This is a half cup of low-fat organic soy milk (I get a kick out of saying the long string of things that seems to precede a lot of the products I’m eating lately, like ‘low-fat dairy-free vegan organic black bean soup’).

I sliced up a banana and threw maybe a tablespoon of ground flax seed on top.

Next up, a spoonful of raisins, because I bought a giant bag and am putting raisins in everything as a result. I covered it up with plastic wrap, put it in the fridge for the night, and crossed my fingers that I found a way to make oatmeal work, via overnight oats.

The next morning I had to poke it to make sure the oats were actually soft, because it really didn’t look that different from the way I left it the night before. Shockingly, everything seemed to be good and soft, but not gloopy. I stuck it in the microwave for a half-minute just so it wouldn’t be cold, chopped up a strawberry, spooned in some (crunchy, all-natural) almond butter, and tentatively took a bite.

Success! No gloop! No swimming around in extra milk! And with the almond butter, strawberries, bananas and raisins, it was seriously flavourful.

The best part was it kept me full for probably an hour longer than my usual morning smoothies do, and I didn’t have to eat a very large lunch to feel satisfied again. I’m looking forward to trying out different combinations of overnight oats, now that I’ve finally found a way to eat oatmeal.

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  1. Yay!! Shayla I’m glad that this worked out for you 🙂 This is my favourite way to eat oatmeal and I’m so happy that you’re able to eat it again 🙂
    I look forward to see what kinds of combos you come up with!

    1. I usually throw together a smoothie or grab some fruit– if I don’t eat breakfast I’m disgustingly grumpy by noon. These are so easy to do at night when I feel energetic, though, and they’re super tasty.

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