Easy Dressed-Up Olive Hummus

I never really understood the hummus craze. I’d spread it on sandwiches or eat it with a few carrots but it wasn’t something I particularly craved or raved over. Then I bought this:

This is the best hummus I’ve ever eaten. I picked it up on a whim because I love olives. I forgot about it for a while, then decided to try it out with some cucumbers. I couldn’t put it down.

The sad thing is, the container is now empty, and I can’t really justify driving two hours just to buy hummus (though you can rest assured next time I go out I’m buying another container. Maybe two.) I thought about making my own olive hummus, but tahini is expensive and I didn’t have the motivation to start from scratch. But — I really, really love that olive hummus.

So, I read through the ingredient list and decided I would try to dress up regular grocery store hummus, into the best olive hummus ever, or as close as I could get.

The Best Olive Hummus.png

You’ll need: Plain old boring hummus (taste tested it; it was boring), pitted green olives, and jalapeños.

I think the best olive hummus ever is made with both black and green olives, but green was my best option at the deli. I also neglected to add shallots, parsley, and whatever mystery spices are in the original.

Boring hummus goes in the blender. A handful of pitted olives and jalapeños on top.

More diced olives on top. And a few olives for my mouth, too.

The verdict? It has a bit more of a bite than the best hummus ever, so I’m guessing I used more jalapeño than they do. But the olive-y taste is apparent, and delicious. It’s not quite as good, but it will probably suffice until I can stock up on the best hummus ever again.

4 Replies to “Easy Dressed-Up Olive Hummus”

  1. Hummus rocks my world. Especially those topped ones. The spicy one is best, then I also like the ones with pine nuts, and the garlic. Not a fan of other types, personally. But, I bet if you found/made one with spicy eggplant it would be AWESOME.

    http://www.hbros.co.uk/ was a cool resto in London…jealous? you should be!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of hummus for the same reasons as you Shayla. Bland. Boring. Icky texture…..until I tried Sambra Red Pepper Hummus. According to the package “richer, smoother and tastier” Yummy.

    I’ve seen it in Invermere, but only buy it at Costco when I’m in the big city for obvious reasons.

    Going to be on the look out now for the ‘best’ …… and I thought the only reason for olives was martini’s!

    1. There’s some pretty tasty looking red pepper hummus here that I may try next– next time I go to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg I’m absolutely going to check out grocery stores. Usually we go clothes and electronics shopping and eat real food– never thought to grab some cheaper, better food!

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