Mini Wardrobe: Aqua Tutu

I didn’t really keep up with this series very well, did I?! I’ve been picking up pieces for M’s fall and winter wardrobe here and there — I have a genetic aversion to paying full price for clothing so a lot of it is consignment, mixed with some inexpensive pieces from big-brand stores. She’s at an age where she’s really hard on clothes, between colouring, snacking, jumping in puddles, and daycare shenanigans, so I can’t justify spending a lot. Wash and wear is how we roll, these days.

We have a fun mix of clothes happening right now, in her closet. I pulled out some hand-me-downs that are all bright and colourful, she has a handful of the Canadiana things we love (moose and plaid — you get the idea), and then there’s the stuff she picks out. I usually let her grab an item of clothing if we’re shopping, because it’s fun to see what she picks. It’s not a very cohesive wardrobe, but it’s full of stuff everyone loves.

I usually let M have a say in her clothing for the day, within certain parameters — I tell her we need to pick out pants, and give her a few choices. On the weekend, I asked if she wanted to wear a skirt or pants, because it wasn’t a daycare day so she could wear something a bit less practical than usual, if she wanted. We built this outfit from there.


Sweater: Joe Fresh | Skirt: Old Navy | Tights: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Etnies

She loves that skirt. Every time she wears it she twirls around! I bought it for her upcoming second birthday party but she loves it so much that she’s worn it a few times in advance. Matt bought her the shoes, because he’s a sucker and doesn’t have an aversion to full-price things (kid shoes only fit for like a month! come on), and she loves them, too. The sweater is also a Matt pick and is one size small, but it was from the boys’ section so actually fits more like it should, now.


When I was a teenager I looked through my baby pictures and asked my mom if her strategy for dealing with my hair was just to throw it back in barrettes haphazardly. She said yes and I scoffed — but now I get it. This kid needs a haircut, but we don’t want to give her bangs, and her hair is so darn slippery that it ends up in a multitude of clips and elastics throughout the day to try to keep it off of her face.


My favourite part of this day was when we went to a kids’ crafting event and M spotted a tiny baby in a car seat (she loves babies). She ran up to him and kept saying, “Look, baby!” while showing off her skirt. 🙂

Soon we’ll be into the days of puffy snowsuits and face-covering winter gear. Our transition into fall is short and sharp here, and winter comes all too soon, so we’re all enjoying these last few drops of skirt-and-tights weather.

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  1. Catherine says:

    She looks adorable, and yay for fall clothing. My boys are still in tees and shorts.

    1. Shayla says:

      I’m juuuust about ready to pack up the shorts but I need the fall stuff to be delivered first, haha!

  2. Katie says:

    You guys rock at clothing. This outfit is fantastic and I only hope my future kiddos are dressed half as cool. 🙂

    1. Shayla says:

      Haha, thanks!

  3. Her little barrettes are so adorable!

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