Master Bedroom: We’re Almost There!

Allow me to trot out these horrible photos once again — this was the room dubbed ‘The Scary Room’ when we bought this house in 2013:

Office Collage

Originally destined to become an office, it sat so long as an unused/storage room that it’s now becoming our master bedroom thanks to our growing family and our desire for, eventually, a larger bed. It is going to beĀ so weird to actually use this room.

As a quick rundown, here’s what has happened in this new master bedroom thus far:

  • Matt reconfigured a bit of framing and drywalled the affected walls — the two exterior-facing walls are not in super-awesome shape but we left them as-is, and honestly, they look better just with new paint alone. The big difference is that where you see the shelves beside the closet is now the closet, and the former closet was torn out and is just regular walls now. It basically switched sides.
  • Those wooden shelves on the wall came out. They’re going to become part of the closet!
  • The hideous cheap orange-y laminate is gone, revealing the original hardwood underneath. We will eventually be refinishing it, but not now (it’ll happen when we do the rest of the rooms with hardwood, too).
  • The walls were primed and painted with Beauti-Tone Porcupine Quill, which was grabbed from a swatch book on a whim. It’s a beautiful colour that morphs between brown and gray and green and I really like it.
  • We bought baseboard, crown, and casing.

The biggest change, though, has to be the ceiling. Matt worked on it over the weekend and it’s shocking what a difference it has made. The old ceiling was terrible, falling apart popcorn stucco. Matt got the idea to install wood planks over it. He installed strapping boards first, then knocked each board into place individually, nailing it up with an air nailer. The original plan was to (eventually) paint it white but we are kind of loving the wood look and may stain it or whitewash it instead. Either way it’s not happening ’till spring so we have time to think about it!


The gaps around the edges will be covered by the crown molding. I think it’s going to look great — it already looks about a million times better than it did when we moved in, and it’s not in its final form! With the trim installed it’ll look that much better, and when the floors are eventually stained and we sort out the ceiling colour I think it’s going to be fantastic.

In terms of getting moved in pre-baby, it’s a matter of cutting, painting, and installing all of the trim, hooking up the new ceiling light, installing the closet drawers and rods (doors are on that big long ‘eventual’ list), cleaning the floor, and bringing in our existing furniture. We need nightstands and a shade on the window, but I’m not feeling any huge sense of urgency on that in the next few weeks.

Hopefully I’ll be able to share a bigger, as-complete-as-it-gets picture soon!

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